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The Sony Xperia Ultra Z disassociates the Xperia z by size. With a report of 179.4 x 92.2 x 6.5 mm and a screen 6.4 inches, Z Ultra is the largest Smartphone Sony and one of the largest in the world. It is also, a high-end device that meets the criteria of quality of Sony the most severe, in order to be able to compete with the biggest, such as: Samsung, Apple or HTC. Its design is almost identical to that of the Xperia Z, and it benefits from the same sublime shell made of glass. It also benefits from the same sealing water. The only negative of the Xperia Z Ultra, this is his (8 MP) camera that has no image stabilizer.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has one of the best protective shells of the market in addition to the design and style. Even being particularly robust, and even if we're the safest possible, accidents unfortunately have the monopoly of the surprise, and a moment of inattention is enough to damage your precious Smartphone. Here is a list of several spare partsthe Sony Xperia Z Ultra chees that can be ordered easily and so secured on the site. Here are a few examples: the < stroNG >Hull Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra glass, the rear window Sony Xperia Z Ultra , the < strong >Sony Xperia Z Ultra screen , the speaker Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the < strong >adhesive for screen LCD Sony Xperia Z Ultra < /stRong >, the battery Sony Xperia Z Ultra or even the the Sony Xperia Z Ultra micro. Components the most exposed and located outside of the unit are those that are usually broken because of the shocks. Instead of spending a fortune to repair your device, you can just order the missing pieces on the site and ask them at home by following the guides and tutorials available on the site.

Sony Xperia Z ultra C6833 C6802 XL 

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