Spare parts to repair my Microsoft Lumia 550.

The Microsoft Lumia 550 is equipped with a 1,1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core mobile processor (ARM Cortex-A7 architecture) with a 1 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 8 Go, expandable by adding a microSD card. This entry-level Smartphone features a 4.7-inch IPS display for HD definition of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Microsoft Lumia 550 

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This category includes a wide range of spare parts for Microsoft Lumia 550, such as Microsoft Lumia 550 LCDs, Microsoft Lumia 550 touchscreen, Microsoft Lumia 550 batteries, Microsoft Lumia 550 charging connectors, speakers Microsoft Lumia 550 ear, Microsoft Lumia 550 power cables, Lumia 550 batteries, Microsoft Lumia 550 ringer speakers, and many other parts you'll need to repair your Nokia phone.

The breakdowns on smartphones are numerous and frequent, we note that the parts most affected by the failures are the LCD screen, the touch screen and the hull. These parts are not protected and are directly subject to the risk of falls or violent shocks that can cause breaks, second come small parts composed of electronic circuits such as the tablecloths, the processor and the motherboard.

People wishing to troubleshoot their Microsoft Lumia 550, will be able to get the spare parts they need on We would like to inform you that a multitude of tutorials and repair guides are available if you ever want to learn to repair your Smartphones yourself.