Spare parts to fix my Samsung Galaxy S8 + Dual Sim G955FD.

Different shades of colors of the pieces can be systematically interversibles. In the product description of this page you can find a link that will take you to a tutorial of disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + Dual Sim. As a general rule, a stock out back in stock with a time close to 10 to 15 days, otherwise a mention will be visible in one of the texts of the form of the product. Do not discard it so precious phone simply because of one detail that anyone will be able to adjust quickly. For good not to miss the rehabilitation of this product (glass touchscreen for Galaxy S8 + Dual Sim) for yourself, our technician invite you to assist in our guide that is intended to change this product offering. Give life to your Galaxy S8 + Dual Sim with piece-mobile: applications, gps, video games... The product offered here is offered with, like all our products, a warranty extended to 2 years. Your shipment will be mailed the day of payment where you pay entirely while it is not yet 15: 00.

Samsung Galaxy S8 + Dual Sim G955FD 

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