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Added by PHILIPPE TOROSANI 2014-02-19

Added by Gilles Haddaoui 2014-02-19
I have just received my order: broken windows, I am not happy because the packaging is not treated in addition you can not reach you by phone, while you are more expensive than the competition

Added by max silver 2014-02-16

Added by Renaud 2014-02-14
Fast service, I received the screen-glass of my blackberry 9790 in 1 day. And thanks to the videos, I changed it in 10 minutes. I recommend this site.

Added by herve wetterwald 2014-02-13
Order on Tuesday night, reception on Thursday morning .... impeccable service, serious and efficient.

Added by Olivier Ribeiro 2014-02-10
"Galaxy Trend screen" order made on Friday, receipt of the package on Monday, simple, fast, efficient, thank you for your serious.

Added by CHRISTOPHE VARIN 2014-02-09
Fast delivery .. my such a second life, Bravo.

Added by AlexaNdre Isaac 2014-02-09
Always perfect! Received in 2 days each time! Very good quality, always 100% functional! Congratulations!

Added by Marie 2014-02-07
Very serious site, quality product, ultra fast delivery and free, no complaints. Thank you.

Added by Timothée 2014-02-06
Site to recommend, order passed at noon, received the next day!

Added by David BERTHON 2014-02-06
Just nothing to say very competent. Es the perfect commercial service. Thank you to the teams.

Added by Amandine Bernelin 2014-02-05
Coli received in three days and produces very well protected. I highly recommend this site Thank you very much

Added by mickael 2014-02-05
Very Competent and 100% satisfactory. A big thank you for your professionalism, quick response and serious. I am satisfied with my purchases. Only small flat plastic tools a little light I think, I skinned the edges (snifff). Otherwise I highly recommend. I managed to fix it without difficulty and I am very happy with my purchase.

Added by Quentin 2014-02-04
I order on this site a screen for LG G2 this Sunday February 2 received today 4. Very well protected, the screen works merveille. Very good site that I highly recommend !!

Added by amelie grosjean 2014-02-04
I am amazed by the speed of the mail ..... site more than perfect..I am delighted

Added by felix 2014-02-04
EXCELLENT PERFECT Order Saturday afternoon Compliant delivery on Tuesday morning Congratulations to all the team

Added by Mickaël galand 2014-02-04
Super site, tactile glass order on Friday night and received Monday morning for the price indicated thank you

Added by LUDOVIC LEMARIE 2014-02-04
thank you a moving part price of parts and impeccable delivery nothing to say, super!

Added by Cyril 2014-02-04
Excellent, fast delivery, tracking emails, and compliant hardware!

Added by Hélène POIDEVIN 2014-02-01
Super delivery to 24 h material of very good quality thank you for your serious too cool

Added by cathy krolski 2014-02-01
Very good product and very fast delivery to recommend

Added by Gwenaël Dubois 2014-01-31
It's not my kind of to leave comments but here I ordered a replacement lcd screen yesterday for my phone, I received it today !! In perfect condition. Thank you really !

Added by kali 2014-01-30
Superb delight, order passed the 28/01/14, received in 48h on 30/01/14, I bought a screen glass touch for Nokia lumia 620, screen mounted and works perfectly. Great site to share.

Added by Nicolas 2014-01-30
I ordered White Glass Touch Screen Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7.0 T210 WIFI on 28/01, received on 30/01 ... Nikel The payment method 3D nikel also ... Thanks to all the team of PIECE-MOBILE!

Added by thierry nati 2014-01-30
I would recommend

Added by Yannis LE BLANC 2014-01-30
I did not know about site, but now I would do all my purchases on large numbers of available parts and very fast delivery times! I recommend

Added by Marz 2014-01-30
In my previous testimony I had given a star because the piece received did not match. A week later I was contacted for the exchange and I received the right piece. Now my phone works. The story has finished well ... I climb my note to 5 stars.

Added by Alexandre L 2014-01-30
Super satisfied, srvice top, delivery on time ... nickel what:)

Added by Guy POCHET 2014-01-29
After a worry of faulty part, exchange took place within 48 hours working days and my tablet again works again. Thank you for your seriousness and your professionalism.

Added by ED 2014-01-29
Works almost better than the original!

Added by ED 2014-01-29
Nickel! I restored my old 3GS HS for 2 years because it did not load anymore!

Added by sandrine laboire 2014-01-29
I ordered eT received an LCD screen for my Samsung laptop with a manufacturing defect: it appears 4 symmetrical aureoles, small red dots inlaid in the picture. Sent complaint message and still no answer! I will send a letter in registered form to claim!

Added by Philippe Olazabal 2014-01-28
First order with delivery in 2 days. Unbreakable on the part and reactivity.

Added by mehdi chaieb 2014-01-27
Hello I would like to order an LCD screen and touch screen Iphone 4s Reference: A1005B12WO75, but I do not know if this ref for black or white? Knowing that mine is black. Thank you for your help

Added by jmarie 2014-01-26

Added by michel GAILLARD 2014-01-26
Bravo price, reactivity, quality of parts, very commercial, just a small shadow on the board the quality of the tool leaving

Added by Marianne JEZEGOU 2014-01-24
A severine: me for a return merchandise. Mail sent by copying their email address on my sending page, and response from them in 5min!

Added by florence girardin 2014-01-24
My xperia go revives, with its new touch screen :) An ultra fast service on your part, and well protected parts for transport. thank you! (Damage that the postal service is not as efficient!)

Added by severine hanser 2014-01-23
After sending a mail for a return of goods not answer not very cool ...

Added by Kaf (Samsung Galaxy Ace) 2014-01-23
Hello, great touch screen! Thank you! Changed in 30min, with a mini screwdriver, a cutter, tweezers and a lighter (to detach the screen before replacing it). Too easy for 17 without postage!

Added by noel Dubreuil 2014-01-23
Thank you. You are serious and fast !!!!

Added by lilo 2014-01-22
Bonjours, tres bon site j avou but I wanted to know how to install the alumur battery

Added by Marianne JEZ 2014-01-22
Hello, I ordered a screen + chassis for my nokia Lumia on Tuesday at 12:30, and I received it the next morning in my mailbox ... Frankly chapo for that big speed, never seen that other part! VERY GOOD SITE!

Added by guy pochet 2014-01-21
It's been a week that I wait for an answer to know what is the approach to follow a touch window of a tablet GT-P5100 that does not work I had to put the broken !!!!

Added by caroline 2014-01-21
site very interesting price very correct and delivery 2 days that ask meiux:)

Added by Pascal 2014-01-20
I ordered Saturday and received the screen today (Monday). Super reactivity. I just changed the screen of my HTC at the moment and all work. I would highly recommend your site. Great

Added by hichem chettih 2014-01-20
I recommend this site highly because ultra competitive rate, serious site, and incredible speed processing and shipping in 24 hours, JUST BRAVO

Added by Marz 2014-01-17
I just ordered, the delivery was super fast. But surprise: instead of SIM card reader I found the port mIcro USB. No answer to the question how to exchange the coin?

Added by computerGirlz 2014-01-15
Perfect ... Fast 2014 ....

Added by debortoli 2014-01-15
After the delivery very fast of a defective part, the piece has been replaced very quickly and redirects very quickly, remarkable site, do not change

Added by herve haas 2014-01-14
Thank you for the speed, serious site

Added by christian 2014-01-14
hello Very good site that I recommend has all sends fast, and good advice

Added by Daniel Faure 2014-01-14

Added by Deborah Demaimay 2014-01-13
Super, fast delivery

Added by cyril g 2014-01-11
Very good sites sends fast impeccable material really good +++++

Added by guenal vauloup 2014-01-11
I have to say that delivery is perfect lE materiel buy correspond perfectly and that it works super well I often reveal on this site to buy something else

Added by Sylvie 2014-01-10
Very satisfied with this site: the product top (touch screen nokia lumia 520), delivered in 2 days and the price interesting. I highly recommend it without hesitation. Very serious ....

Added by gilles 2014-01-10
Super fast delivery

Added by didier 2014-01-09
Simply impeccable.

Added by Benjamin 2014-01-09
Parts ordered on Saturday, received on Thursday in "BELGIUM", very satisfied with the service. To recommend

Added by christine claude 2014-01-08
All parts order fast fitting conformity and thank you for your prompt delivery

Added by david cvetkovic 2014-01-06
A very good site, 2 days to receive my HP sony! Help bring on the forum more. What more could you ask for !!!

Added by sébastien herzog 2014-01-04
Super company serious with a surprising fast delivery despite the new year. In addition to the screen and chassis ordered for myNokia Lumia 520 works like the first day. There is more than one site that should take example on this company. to recommend !!!

Added by Cedric BIANCHI-SALA 2014-01-04
PERFECT ! I recommend, delivery in less than two days, very good packaging! thank you

Added by Cedric BIANCHI-SALA 2014-01-04
PERFECT ! I recommend, delivery in less than two days, very good packaging! thank you

Added by sebastien monin 2014-01-04
Thank you fast delivery and look after. I would recommend this site to my friends without any problem thanks to the whole team.

added byAntoine Bustin 2014-01-03
Great awesome mega! Super fast delivery, top material! Cde the 1st of January in the evening, delivery on the 3rd! Screen mounted with the kit of tools purchased at the same time, in 30 minutes (this is my 1st!)

Added by benoit bougard 2014-01-03
Bravo !!!! Received packaged nickel package, impeccable condition, fast service, really very good to recommended

Added by Nicolas 2014-01-03
Simply impressive: ordered on Thursday at 14:30, received on Friday, packing impeccably. Mounted on the same Friday evening, everything works perfectly. Congratulations!

Added by pierre jean rodet 2014-01-01

Added by Menchon Raphaël 2013-12-27
I was pleasantly surprised about the speed of delivery the serious follow-up and fast repayment when I was wrong in the order so I have you select as 1st of my suppliers thank you

Added by christophe Bonnardel
Bravo! Very fast!

Added by boutillier
Super site, very serious and delivery supEr fast I recommend this site !!!!! : D

Added by Axel Lassablière 2013-12-26
Would highly recommend! Very fast shipping, excellent after-sales service, very rare these days!

Added by Mansourian
Efficient, fast, very professional. I advise you all.

Added by alain rajii
Bravo so fast I am in the companion is neéé the next day that I received my order, thank you

Added by Tony FONSECA
Congratulations! Order made yesterday afternoon, received at noon.

Added by frederic
Very very good site, I highly recommend! Control of a touch screen for a nokia C7, received within a week. Quick and accurate answer to the questions asked by email. Again, I highly recommend this site!

Added by renault
quick delivery

Added by Didier Ricordel
I have received my order screen lg gt540 I just put it up and its works very well thank you cordially.

Added by stephAne ferret 2013-12-18
Fast delivery and efficient product

Added by patricia blondel
Fast delivery, product matching exactly the request a touch screen for a Samsung ace very satisfied I recommend thank you

Added by Vincent Antonucci 2013-12-13
Screen for LG OPTIMUS L7 ordered on Wednesday evening, received on Friday, more than very fast for a small order with no shipping costs.

Added by bruno granoulhac
S5839 Touchscreen Received Damaged, 2nd Received Damaged RetoThe two windows, do not recognize the faults, claim payment of the 2 returned windows cause fingerprints. Do not want to refund even by deducting the shipping costs. Attention thief !!!

Added by Christophe Planque
I made a mistake in ordering, calling the service problem in 2 minutes! Perfect fast and serious! New screen ordered I should be able to recover my tel fast enough :) thank you!

Added by belkadi fouad
View the testimonials, I can only adhere to it, thank you and continue like that !!!

Added by renaud spec
Packages received and corresponding to the order thank you for the seriousness to recommend

Added by pascal rousse
Already order parts on this site received the next day really I recommend this site for parts of phones

Added by Meis
Result of the operation to change the glass of the Nokia Lumia 610 of my son: 16 instead of 95 announced by the repairer !! I highly recommend this site which made me a hero :) A big thank you also for the video without which I would never have managed to change this window.

Added by christopher albarao
Order shipped in 24h I received the glass of an L7 L7 P700 in 2/3 days. Vedment content, site serious and fast! I recommend.

Added by mathieuCharret 2013-12-06
Site ultra serious I ordered a screen touch screen sony xperia sp three days ago and I received this morning

Added by jesus gurriaran 2013-12-05
I have not been able to find the correct version of this product, but I can not find it. There bravo). Congratulations to the entire team for your work, online sales sites should take you as a role model.

Added by franck hatet
Piéces ordered on Monday received on Wednesday, careful packaging and rigorous mail tracking of choice, serious and efficiency bravo

Added by yannick 2013-12-04
As the previous times cheap and serious soon

Added by Tony Champault 2013-12-03
Great professionalism of this site Serious and super fast Order on 2/12/2013 at 14H00 and delivered on 03/12/13 Many websites should take example.

Added by MOREL 2013-12-03
This site is really indispensable. Service very serious. I place my order of the touch screen and the set of tools. 48 hours later, my phone works again. Awesome ! Thank you.

Added by sasa
Site very serious livReason very fast! Ordered on Friday afternoon on Saturday morning. Thanks thanks ! More than tried to replace the glass of the lg!

Added by Gaëtanne MICHEL
Ordered the 26/11/2013 still not arrived we are the 2 of December. I had requested a delivery in relay point, the package is blocked in the mail center 38 while I live the tarn (81). Mail to customer service, no response. 59 euros put in the trash? Surely not, I intend to seize the consumer service UFC WHAT TO CHOOSE close to my home and report it to the General Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention. Or less.Where is the seriousness of the professional in there? Site to be discouraged, not forgiveness to avoid and to forget

Added by herve hausen
Very tres decu !!!! Object repaired and not in working condition !!!! To forget

Added by Proye Michel 2013-11-28
Serious and fast, quality part I recommend this site

Added by regis
It is true that it is a super site, order well arrived, well embalée.je recommend this site to the surfer who seeks the quick and well packed.

Added by virginie noel 2013-11-27
Sending super fast but received broken and would not do anything impossible to have a number of such to join them very disappointed

Added by Tien-Dung DANG 2013-11-27
After a command error on my part I received the correct part with an envelope to return it from the wrong part. Very serious and effective site I recommend thanks to the team of mobile part

Added by yocarbo
Fast and more than perfect service!

Added by Jean-Francois 2013-11-23
Screen ordered on Tuesday evening, received on Thursday morning! My phone is repaired following the video :-) Set tools very practical see essential to remove the connectors but it is better to have screwdrivers of more solid precisions

Added by Computec Cannes 2013-11-22
What speed !!!!! Congratulations for the responsiveness, product conforms to the description and quality. A good Web address to put in favorites

Added by Laurent Fauveau 2013-11-22
Very fast, economical and pro.

Added by Allan 2013-11-21
Very fast delivery in addition to dom tom Frankly I am very satisfied

Added by patrick boutet
Thanks to PIECE MOBILE my phone is repaired and works like at the beginning Site serious and fast in delivery Encore thanks

Added by Maxime CASTETS
ShippedAnd received very quickly, product conform, very satisfied! I recommend!

Added by Benjamin Deville 2013-11-15
Great site! Quality material! Very fast delivery !! I recommend !!!!

Added by Nicolas 2013-11-14
Fast delivery, good product!

Added by Nicolas 2013-11-14
Fast delivery, good product!

Added by turgay celik
Very fast service for avoIr an answer to our questions. Fast delivery without FDP. Interesting prices! But for my part I received a LCD screen of recovery / occasion (stripes) it does not hinder me but it would have been well if it was inscribed in the description; Therefore less 1 star. I recommend it all the same site for the diversity of the pieces presented!

Added by Nicolas 2013-11-11
Excellent site. I ordered the screen of my HTC One SV on Sunday, received on Wednesday. The screen has worked the first time. However, there is no video for this phone.

Added by Eric G
Ordered a screen for Galaxy Trend on Tuesday night, received on Friday. Compliant product, phone repaired. NICKEL

Added by Gérard C
Product coNform to description I was not lucky because I came across a defective part, but the service was understanding, fast and efficient I recommend this site very pro

Added by younes
Twopecable, 2.5 cheaper than on another site and with the demo, change to 2/2. thank you.

Added by Laurent
Touch screen for a Nokia Lumia 710, order received in two days well protected. The product works very well, I recommend this site for your mobile repairs.

Added by damien juy 2013-11-07
Tjs not received on follow-up c is written name not identifiable on mailbox ah good other orders arrive very well

Added by Nicolas 2013-11-07
I recommend this site, very pro. Controlled touchscreen Samsung Galaxy tab, received promptly, quality origin, perfect order tracking. On the other hand, Plastic Tools is of medium quality.

Added by CHRIS
Order barely validated, already in the mailbox !!!!!

Added by Jerome MICHEL
Almost perfect! Delivery more than fast, perfect tracking; Change screen htc one s, nickel screen, cons tool kit really leaves to be desired, the tools broken plastic has the first use, damage !!!

Added by ANDRE LAMBIN 2013-11-05
Very serious company, speed of orders and answers to questions asked, very good knowledge

Added by anne-laure imbert 2013-11-02
I ordered a screen on Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning so very fast service. Only drawback, you have to think of the adhesive to take in addition because it is not provided with the kit of tooling. Otherwise nothing to say, I recommend this site.

Added by anne-laure imbert 2013-11-02
I ordered a screen on Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning so very fast service. Only drawback, you have to think of the adhesive to take in addition because it is not provided with the kit of tooling. Otherwise nothing to say, I recommend this site.

Added by romain purcHla 2013-11-01
Hello, For my last order I received a LCD Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i Striped and Dirty! Knowing that I have already ordered 3 times before with nothing to report. I am not confident anymore ...

Added by Louis Juan-meurette 2013-11-01
I ordered an LCD screen and a glass for my HTC, and I am very satisfied, indeed, delivery very fast and cheap although the video helping to mount is not very well done, but I recommend :)

Added by Eric Malandain 2013-11-01
LCD screen for LG T385 ordered and received 2 days later, put back this morning using the tutorial. Everything works nickel !!!! Impeccable, no complaints thanks Mobile Room, for 19, I repaired the tel of my daughter

 added by Simon Marchal 2013-10-31
I ordered a spare LCD, very cheap. Received the next day, no postage due to the letter MAX, very correct packaging.

Added by Simon Marchal 2013-10-31
I ordered a spare LCD, very cheap. Received the next day, no postage due to the letter MAX, very correct packaging.

Added by sylvain
Send very fast always impek nothing to say

Glass received a 2 days, rReceived this day mounted in 30min! It works great! THANK YOU

Added by thirion 2013-10-30
Send super fast piece order on sunday ariver on tuesday

Added by Mohamed 2013-10-30
The best, and also it is very serious and fast. I want the advice

Added by esmail hadji 2013-10-28
Received piece conformed and on time. Return of a coin due to an error, refund within 8 days, PERFECT !!

Added by lionel P
Ordered Thursday, received Saturday. Sending neat and fast, great! thank you.

Added by lameiram
I ordered Wednesday night and got my GS Tab2 window on Friday night. Very fast. I just put it up and everything works nikel! The only problem is that it is black rather than white as I wanted.

Added by DG 2013-10-25
Quick and neat delivery. thank you.

Added by Olivier 2013-10-23
Room ordered on the 20th and received on the 21st, speed and seriousness of the site.I would not hesitate to recommend to you, thank you

Added by PAULME BeRtrand 2013-10-22
Parcel received in two days conforms to the order very good site

Added by billiards 2013-10-22
I spent 2 orders for the console of my children. First of all let us congratulate the speed of delivery FREE, top level. But concerning the rooms it is less top. 1st Optical Block Control operates on unpacking but at second HS console ignition. I then control the complete drive installs the daughter card and no playback of the disc and in addition to possible ejection of the disc. The piece is OK but if I buy it is supposed to work? Wait for support. I consider in view of the seriousness of the expedition that it is "the fault in no luck" hoping that there will be no next episode but simply parts of PS3 Regards.

Added by clement rodriguez 2013-10-21
Very unhappy, unfulfilled promises, brain failure of people when explaining his case!

Added by joachim rosalie 2013-10-21
Fast conformant product.

Added by Jean Claude LAPLACE
Very good site very reactive fast Bravo Good continuation

Added by François DARLOT
Excellent site, personalized follow-up and very good advice

Added by jlb
10 days after the order, still not received !! its doubts the other testimonials ??? http://www.csuivi.courrier.laposte.fr/suivi/index?id=1k00570882914

Added by jlb
10 days after the order, still not received !! Its doubts the other testimonies ??? http://www.csuivi.courrier.laposte.fr/suivi/index?id=1k00570882914

Added by jlb
10 days after the order, still not received !! Its doubts the other testimonies ??? http://www.csuivi.courrier.laposte.fr/suivi/index?id=1k00570882914

Added by jerome daffaure
1 command received very quickly in 2 days. Unfortunately piece received hs (it can arriveVe). After having made a claim on the site, I received another piece in good condition 2 days later. Service guaranteed guaranteed, effective.voila what I remember.and c is very important because it shows that the site is very serious and face ad eventual difficulty) still thank you

Added by alain catinaud 2013-10-16
Very good delivery, fast delivery and careful packaging, I am fully satisfied with this site that I would not hesitate to recommend

Added by gregory trigo
Very fast for delivery and piece walk nikel thank you

Added by frederic richard 2013-10-16
Very very fast delivery, very good site of very good materialty

Added by eric chaigneau
Extraordinary, 2 orders one after the other delivered the day after the order and in working condition: brilliant, my such works again (screen) (Tip: on HTC one X, buy LCD screen + touch plate mounted on ...)

Added by Michel HAM 2013-10-15
Very reactive, material ordered Sunday, delivered and received Tuesday that happiness ...

Added by Sylvain Jalabert 2013-10-15
2 pieces ordered but only one receipt ... Not very serious: the missing item was shipped immediately after an email from me and received only 48 hours after ... So efficient and very fast service, I recommend without hesitation

Added by jimmy lhuillery
Order made Friday night in the mailbox Monday noon which says better. Packaging neat nothing to complain about.

Added by klimmeck
Frankly super service, very good advice, the piece requested corresponds to our research. Very fast processing of the order and delivery. Nickel packaging and disassembly videos are a great help !! Very good site that I highly recommend !!

Added by David Bauer 2013-10-09
Great service. Hardware received quickly, a small malfunction of the spare part (it happens) and this one has been replaced as soon as possibleAnd free of charge. Not to mention the advice by mail to help with the diagnosis.

Added by Jackie ROUSSEL
Two orders, and two benefits quite satisfactory, sending very fast, I really recommend.

Added by olivier
Nickel I have all received

Added by CHRISTINE DOLLE 2013-10-07

Added by serge caron
Service supeR competent fast very professional

Added by Marie anemone
Extremely fast delivery and product in line with expectations, very satisfied thank you

Added by pierre-marie
Ultra fast delivery ordered on Wednesday at 4pm received on Friday 10am, compliant product. I recommend this seller..

Added by Garrido Jean-Michel 2013-10-04
A speed as I have rarely seen !! I was able to repair my Samsung S2 !! I really recommend it.

Added by Philippe MARTIN 2013-10-04
Exceptional service !!!!!

Added by Alain Tabarant 2013-10-04
I ordered a HTC DesireC touch screen (at a lower price than other sites ...) on Tuesday night, received on Thursday noon (faster I do not know !!), 1 hour of assembly without problems thanks to explanations provided on The site and I have mobile nine !!! Thank you, I recommend to all +++

Added by pascal DUPAS
Very disappointed, received a defective part, I sent a mail but no answer. I had to pay for a new repair.

Added by bernard feron 2013-09-29
Very fast, recommendednder.

Added by Christophe Noel 2013-09-28
Extremely fast, order made on September 25th received this morning (28sept) in Reunion, while it was planned for the 30th, more than to test thanks to you for the speed.

Added by Christophe Noel 2013-09-28
Extremely fast, order made on September 25th received this morning (28sept) in Reunion, while it was planned for the 30th, more than to test thanks to you for the speed.

Added by Guillaume Huftier 2013-09-28
Touchscreen for Galaxy Ace s5839i received in 2 days. 15 minutes disassembly / reassembly and my laptop is like new. Simpler than I thought ... Thanks!

Added by Sebastien Ledesma 2013-09-26
Is still waiting for the good screen for my Samsung s5830 after receiving a ref completely HS I see that everything works well on this site except when there is an error on their part

Added by regis waterlot 2013-09-26
Quality service ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Added by denry
This site is nickel! I repaired my galaxy s2 all alone I still do not believe !!

Added by jipeda25 2013-09-22
Site discovered by searching the Net. I quickly found what I wanted. Quick delivery. Room according to my need. I recommend this site seriously and very clearly in the presentation of the sought parts.

Added by gerald 2013-09-21
perfect. Effective and pro. thank you

Added by agnes agius 2013-09-19
Simply perfect !!!

Added by stéphane sirvain 2013-09-18
I broke the touchscreen of the screen of my Samsung phone, so I decide after watching the disassembly tutorials of glass, to order one on the site mobile part, it will cost me cheaper than to change the phone ! I receive my window 2 days afterThe control, very quickly ... so I disassemble the old window and installs the new, but after the phone turns on, the screen does not work, yet the phone turns on correctly but the touch does not respond. I am writing an e-mail to the after-sales service of the site to explain the situation and after verification of correct placement of the window, that it does not exceed ect ... they tell me they send me a 2nd glass for test. I get the 2nd glass 2 days later, I install it and everything works correctly. This site is recommended for their seriousness, and their responsiveness, I recommend

Added by jonathan julien 2013-09-18
Super, good site product well packs fast delivery order on saturday recu mardi frenchement has advised

Added by Philippe Cabanel 2013-09-18
Screen received within 48 hours. Mounted by following the video of help ... Everything works. I am very satisfied and I really recommend thistrader.

Added by guillaume couturier 2013-09-16
Very good service after sales

Added by Philippe Cabanel 2013-09-16
Order validated at 1:20 pm ... Confirmed shipping at 5:15 pm on the same day. With postal tracking number received by mail. It's strong ! I am waiting to receive the spare screen ordered, but already there, I am pleasantly surprised by the speed of processing and the quality of customer follow-up.

Added by Alexane AUGERAUD 2013-09-14
Rarely seen a service as efficient and attentive, despite some worries following my order (the carrier having lost ..), I always received a quick response and very good advice to my many mails. I'm waiting forBut I can not wait for my new order, what to say apart from a big thanks to Piece Mobile!

Added by Iness Derouiche 2013-09-13
Thank you for your professionalism, order made Tuesday, received Saturday:)

Added by Gilles D ...... 2013-09-13
Oyez, oyez bonnes gens, The good thanks, for this merchant, very competent, who besides, delivered me very quickly, commanded the sunset, arrived the next day. The postman running, gave it to me now! Frankly ... It's not a slacker! It is very nicely, my testimony proving it, That you can, it is very tempting, buy your products quietly ... Thank you for this good plan!

Added by slimane tizaoui 2013-09-12

Added by sandra toth 2013-09-11
Super site Super fast delivery (2 days) After-sales service very serious and understandable because fast response after error of order on my part. I sent it back and I was very quickly refunded. I made a new order and Delivery in 2 days. Thanks again to Piece mobile.

Added by julien arnould 2013-09-11
Great for delivery thanks to the teams

Added by Rebec 2013-09-11
Thank you you are the mThe others! Careful and fast shipping

Added by Franck VILLARD 2013-09-07
Good advice - Parts shipped quickly in mail followed - And after change it works nickel. RAS. To advice

Added by jean luc angillis 2013-09-06
Very fast delivery, very satisfied with the site to recommend emergency thanks

Added by RULLIER STEPHANIE 2013-09-05
Fast delivery in 2 days. And too glad to be able to repair the screen of the phone of my daughter that she had just had as a gift and that a woman broke by jostling her. In addition the links for disassembly and assembly aids have been useful. Change screen in 20 minutes.

Added by Lisa 2013-09-04
Super fast! Order on Friday, delivery on Monday! Thanks to the team.

Added by jerome bletzacher 2013-09-03
NICKEL! Very fast delivery and compliant equipment! That of the +++

Added by Antoine AMIOT 2013-09-03
Very fast delivery! Received the following day, only flat, it lacks a screwdriver needed to disassemble my blackberry bold 9900, the link leading to the purchase of tooling was nevertheless normally the one corresponding to my phone ...

Added by mathieu pucheault 2013-09-03
The piece I received is not the right one, the screen is 3mm less than the original one. As I did not assemble the piece within the 1 month deadline, they refuse the exchange. What professionalism! Uncompromising on the deadlines, not on the quality !!!

Added by mimoune talsi 2013-09-02
Surprised the delivery ultra fast, hat frankly !!!!!

Added by mimoune talsi 2013-09-02
Surprised the delivery ultra fast, hat frankly !!!!!

Added by Claudine SERIES 2013-09-02
It is rare that I put opinions on a site but there really, it is at the TOP! COmmande in the morning, screen received the next morning in the mailbox! I highly recommend this site and will not hesitate for my next orders

Added by Roland Cosmo 2013-09-02
Fast delivery, phone repaired now and functional, perfect !!!

Added by JEAN-DENIS HACHE 2013-09-01
Hello, I have ordered a touch screen for Nokia Lumia 610, impeccable.Par cons small forget for a conversation hp for samsung, better to send a mail for complaint, and in the 4 days I had My room, especially great that the meeting is not the next door, thank you very much I am not disappointed.

Added by Sébastien MICHIELIN 2013-09-01

Added by Sébastien MICHIELIN 2013-09-01
Excellent fast service, well packed. Bravo

Added by romuald maddaleno 2013-08-30
Super site very serious fast and careful shipping ordered eyes closed

Added by josé 2013-08-30
Great site, material received the day after my order, perfect packaging, changed nothing (to put in your favorites).

Added by Miguel ruckebusch 2013-08-29
I received my block lcd touch on chassis in 2 days really perfect and in an impeccable state thank you

Added by CEDRIC 2013-08-28
Hello Quality of the screen medium dust that infiltrates between the screen and the touch, but good and reactive ... on htc notebook one x

Added by Thierry MARX 2013-08-28
Ordered at 4pm, received by mail the next morning, I say bravo.

Added by maurice cardoso 2013-08-25
Fast delivery / conforming product. No unpleasant surprise. Set of instruments to the hair, allowing an easy repair even without indications.

 added by Philippe 2013-08-24
Fast delivery and compliant parts. I recommend this site

Added by julie lucas 2013-08-23
Too fast delivery, incredible price except that I was wrong in the order reference grrrrr j espere that they will exchange me knowing that it is at the same price !!!!

Added by Thierry PARICAUD 2013-08-23
Very fast delivery: ordered the touch panel of my phone in the afternoon, delivered the next day at noon!

Added by François 2013-08-22

Added by Philippe 2013-08-22
Item ordered on 20/08 - received the 21/08 in letter max! Congratulations for the responsiveness and speed! The parts and conforms and works perfectly. Keep going. Bravo!

Added by Denis F. 2013-08-22
Congratulations when the delay (1 day) for the Seine-et-Marne and respect for the products ordered. Very good site to recommend, I would return when the opportunity arises. thanks to the whole team

Added by sebastien joubert 2013-08-22
Declined for my per order make the 09 august payment withdraw 2 day apret on is the 22 and always nothing

Added by hue 2013-08-22
Good seller and good after-sales service I am very satisfied. Thank you. I recommend this site.

Added by Grégory STATZU 2013-08-21
I ordered a touch screen for my laptop LG. Sending very fast and neat. Very competitive price. Received at home 48 hours after order. Replaced this day, my phone is noticing, its too much fun! In short I am 100% satisfied. I recommend this site.

Added by Romain Jarlan 2013-08-21
Site and productsellents! (Buy a touch screen Samsung galaxy tab2)

Added by Arnaud.N 2013-08-21
Oooooahhh .. really fast delivery ... ordered yesterday at 2:30 pm ... and order received this morning at 10am. Product conformed to what I ordered ... nothing wrong ... I highly recommend www.Piece-mobile.com and I congratulate them.

Added by Gérard Hate 2013-08-20
Impossible to do better. Order Sunday 11am Reception Tuesday 9h00 Difficult to do better

Added by Yoan Plouhinec 2013-08-20
3 days that I ordered and tjs nothing received rotten site in addition we pay to receive quickly pfuuuu

 added by eric harmand 2013-08-16
Super fast delivery super site

Added by johan gilles 2013-08-15
Send fast reactif in command I have received the tactile ordered it does not work since j try to have somebody by such impossible I have already sent more mail to regulate this worries but still no answer it seems that for the cmd this site is Super but in case of failing product c is something else I start to lose patience

Added by philippe monteil 2013-08-14
Super fast nothing to say very good site

Added by fernand brito 2013-08-14
Ordered on Monday around 3pm, received the next day. Super fast.

Added by Ludovic FRADIN 2013-08-13
Order received very quickly. I had a little screen problem but the SAV responded right away and exchanged it. Congratulations to you, I strongly recommend this site.

Added by Philippe 2013-08-13
A super site to order a screen and a glass LG7 Sunday night received Tuesday morning replaced Tuesday AM and ca re-works Correct prices and secure packaging good site to recommend

Added by johan gilles
Super site reactive two command passed a tacti screenLg and a lcd delivered quickly only bemole the received tactil does not work waits to replenish the sav to solve my worries c is the reason for a single star that I corrected has the resolution of my worries

Added by ferre 2013-08-11
So I check out a speaker for my sony xperia arc s so i searched on the net and i stumbled upon that if i ordered my hp has very correct price as well as tools for demounting, sends really fast and With their video for the demonte and up the phone is ideal so I highly recommend site for any spare parts for your phone you can go there with your eyes closed

Added by Salvatore Baggetta 2013-08-09
Impeccable, reception in Belgium after 3 days. Package well packaged.

Added by bernard guitton 2013-08-08
Fast very efficient and friendly prices. bravo.

Added by laurent caranton 2013-08-08
Super trader, fast service, shipment protect, so for me nothing to say apart recommended this seller very serious trader go there!

Added by nrv 2013-08-08
Good site no problem to exchange parts

Added by jerome 2013-08-08
Fast from fast good continuation to the whole team

Added by patrIce cocks 2013-08-07
Very good for second screen, the first screen had a small problem its were all thank you.

Added by briand dominique 2013-08-04
Delivery faster than it is impossible delivered the next morning.

Added by gregory toulem 2013-08-04
hellos; I am very surprised to see a site such as the one that is PieceMobile; Autan I make a lot of purchases on the net, I recommend to any future customer, to trust to site, which is for me personally, the most serious in terms of compliance, Fast delivery. Site very good and I recommend !!!!

Added by Emilio MessanA 2013-08-02
Fast delivery, product conforms to my order.a recommended!

Added by François 2013-08-01
Hello, you are really "pro" con congratulations. Screen changed, great for tooling everything works. Congratulations for your super speed I do not come back! 1 Item forgotten in the delivery, sent in an emergency the next day (very rare these days). Thank you, I keep you under the elbow and would not fail to recommend you strongly to my entourage. Cordially...

Added by Didier
So a great congratulations to this team! Definitely fast service really no fault * * * * 4 star

Added by Boris vaquerin 2013-07-31
Fast delivery, product conforms to my order.a recommended!

Added by Hue Nguyen 2013-07-30
Samsung Galaxy Ace Touch Screen GT-S5830. I changed the touch screen easily with the video you provided the link. Thank you. I am very satisfied . I recommend this site.

Added by benoit 2013-07-24
Package received the day after the order, everything works. Shop to recommend

Added by bouvier 2013-07-24
Very good seller and good after sales service I recomande

Added by Dide 2013-07-22
Shop on the net

Added by david 2013-07-16
Good seller fast, serious

Added by david 2013-07-16
Good seller fast, serious

Added by Andryszak 2013-07-15
Fast delivery, bravo

Added by Olivier 2013-07-15
Very good buy on this site. A new battery, of origin and sold cheaper than on the site manufacturer. And all this without counting the non-existent shipping costs. thank you

Added by dominique nilor 2013-07-14
Very good transaction I recommend for DOM

Added by Franck MARGUERIE 2013-07-13
My BlackBerry was scratched, I ordered a protective window. I placed the order 10/7 and delivered 13/7. Immaculate product, brand new, well packaged and excellent order tracking! I've never seen such a pro site! I have a brand new BlackBerry. I have only one word to say BRAVO!

Added by jany richardiere 2013-07-13
Buy iPad batteryHone 4 s: order on Thursday received on saturday !! in normal mode send super fast parcel received without prob in accordance with my expectations !!!! a big thank you !!! you are super !!! I recommend you if necessary and will speak to my iphone contact !!!

Added by Romain 2013-07-13
Order past Thursday noon, Recue Saturday noon, just Happiness !! A Great Thank You

Added by FRUCHART 2013-07-13
Serious and really fast. Ordered at 11am and delivered the next day at 8am: Impressive! Listening to the customer and very responsive to any questions. Thank you. TO RECOMMEND.

Added by rebelo
Finally a site useful, fast, efficient with an incomparable after sales service. I want youI highly recommend it, I have several different site order, this one is par excellence the best and by far. Congratulations also for the links of explanation, n being not at all manual, I do not encounter any problem!

Added by Mathieu Gadet 2013-07-12
Product Arrived in 2Days [DOM]. I recommend, Very good site!

Added by Sylvain BULLE
Very good site - I am by nature suspicious, and do not like to order too much on the internet; But I must confess that I was very surprised by the seriousness of this site, their speed of delivery and the good quality of the products delivered (1 glass and a screen for HTC Z710E)

Added by pascal rousse 2013-07-11
very good delivery within 24h

Added by cyril
SUPER good site nothing to say fast delivery and and original part

Added by Ali85 2013-07-09
Very good site. The parts fit perfectly with my phone and delivery is fast!

Added by Didier
Honestly Super !!

Added by THIERRY FAVIER 2013-07-08
Great site! Order delivered quickly. AveC the links of the sites that explain the change of glass, (almost) a child's play! Thank you again, thanks to you I made serious savings ...

Added by betty denjean 2013-07-08
PERFECT !!! Broken window on a samsung galaxy sII, order passed on Thursday at 13:30, received to the mail of the next day! Careful sending, answers to immediate questions. My husband had never done this type of repair, he arrived without problem, just a little patience, my phone works perfectly again.

Added by betty denjean 2013-07-08
PERFECT !!! Broken window on a samsung galaxy sII, order passed on Thursday at 13:30, received to the mail of the next day! Careful sending, answers to immediate questions. My husband had never done this type of repair, he arrived without problem, just a little patience, my phone works perfectly again.

Added by betty denjean 2013-07-08
PERFECT !!! Broken window on a samsung galaxy sII, order passed on Thursday at 13:30, received to the mail of the next day! Careful sending, answers to immediate questions. My husband had never done this type of repair, he arrived without problem, just a little patience, my phone works perfectly again.

Added by daude 2013-07-07
Very fast delivery and well packaged material. The screen of the BB9900 was working, only the touch screen was out of order. The replacement of the tactile glass went well but the screen remains black ... Would there be different versions incompatible?

Added by I.repar.apple 2013-07-07
Samsung samsung hd2 screenNne calitée Like DAB !!!!!

Added by Frederic Fayolle 2013-07-05
Good material and NO concern from the point of view of the after-sales service. Thank you!

Added by Rebec 2013-07-04
Super material - A lot of professionalism Good continuation

Added by yves chiarovano 2013-07-04
Delivered within 48 hrs, reinforced packaging, for touchscreen on Samsung, excellent performance, I recommend this site apparently very serious and anxious about customer satisfaction, FINALLY serious people, THANK YOU.

Added by bernard 2013-07-04
Ordered Monday received Wednesday, a touch screen for a laptop. Impeccable site serieux

Added by lionnel lagarce 2013-07-03
I have forgotten to give a note:

Added by lionnel lagarce 2013-07-03
THANK YOU !!!! What a serious ... obedient object, fast expedition and perfect communication I recommend this site ..... to put imperatively in your favorites .....

Added by LOUIS FOURTINE 2013-07-03
Site excellent, efficient and very fast. Piece ordered on 02 July and received on 03 July !! No hesitation to order your mobile parts! you will not be disappointed!! Congratulations to the whole team!! greetings

Added by LOUIS FOURTINE 2013-07-03
Site excellent, efficient and very fast. Piece ordered on 02 July and received on 03 July !! No hesitation to order your mobile parts! you will not be disappointed!! Congratulations to the whole team!! greetings

Added by Patrick METAYER 2013-07-02
IMPECCABLE SITE. For service service no problem, fast delivery.I recomande this internet site

Added by Angélique STAUDER 2013-07-01
Ordered on Friday at 2pm Received on Saturday morning Excellent site !!! Thank you

Added by Fabrice DELVAL 2013-06-28
Order a touch screen phone 2 days after receiving the Super Great piece. This is serious.

Added by Christelle 2013-06-27
Rapid (y) as well as the quality of the packaging in case I recommend to you

Added by Christelle 2013-06-27
I have ordered hiier at 14h30 i received my screen miidi (y) bravo the

Added by dany cassista
Hello I come from quebec and I received my piece as agreed in good condition and in the delays thank you very much

Added by jessica zarandona 2013-06-25
My daughter had broken the tactile glass of her samsung galaxy ace. I ordered the room on this site and my husband changed it. Its phone is like new, I am very satisfied !!!

Added by avonde 2013-06-24
Not bad you buy broken screen 10th and you sell it 168 once the window changes but you do not sell the malignant window

Added by Eric Audoin 2013-06-23
Room arrived in 2 days !! Congratulations for your efficiency.

Added by jean philippe Delissenne 2013-06-22

Added by Isabelle M 2013-06-22
Congratulations for the speed of delivery! The room is nickel. I changed the glass of my laptop without any problem thanks to the video of which you provided the link. My laptop is like new. Thank you.

Added by Alexandre G. 2013-06-21
No complaints ! Perfect. I ordered a touchscreen for a nokia 610. The product was shipped within 24 / 48h and was as described. Good site. Continue like that.

Added by farah annajjar 2013-06-19
I am tros tros happy I just received min screen I order them Monday night is Wednesday noon in my mailbox to recommend for next person

Added by renaud 2013-06-19
Very fast delivery, no shipping even for 1 article ..

Added by STEPHANE RIBOU 2013-06-18

Added by fabdev77 2013-06-18
Very good communication, recommended site !!

Added pAr Azouz Baieche 2013-06-18
Thank you c very quickly arrived and my mobile walk inpecable. I recommend site thank you thank you thank you

Added by Mariem E. 2013-06-17
Product bought: Spare touch screen for Galaxy Ace Product defective replaced immediately after a very detailed explanation on the procedure to follow to confirm the defective character of the product. Sending the spare part very fast with a return envelope for the defective product. - Very good communication and e-mail response very fast. - Faultless service. To recommend.

Added by yannick comparon 2013-06-17
Very good company online, that qualities: serious, fast, present and clear in case of specific request, helpful, and all this for the same price see cheaper than someSo do not hesitate to order you will not be disappointed. Yannick comparon

Added by mauller 2013-06-17
Order screen on samsung galaxy s on Wednesday.thesterday morning in the mailbox. The screen is not good.mail on my part on Thursday night. Answer on Friday. The new screen in my mailbox on Saturday.SAV perfect.

Added by olivier antoine 2013-06-15
Vitre galaxy ace HS.First purchase on AMAZON => AGAINST WAY (according to forums I am not the only ..) .G commanded the 2nd on this site and ... NICKEL !!! CONCLUSION: never again at AMAZON and new customer of PIECE-MOBILE ... thank you ;-)

Added by CHOKRI 2013-06-14
After reading the reviewsMakers, I have decided to order on this site for spare parts of my Samsung GT-S5360. Good quality and well packaged products. Ordered on 11/06/2013 received at the relay point on 13/06/2013, impec! Good site and satisfactory customer service. I recommend. PS: slight problem with the relay point, who did not look for my package properly and made me believe that it was not available at home. But following the piece-mobile (fast response) email advice and the post (who gave me a copy of the tracking detail of my package and proved it was flashed by the relay point!), I recovered the same day my package from the merchant (very fast this time!).

Added by hervé R
Fast delivery, product conforming to the origin and well protected. Mounting the screen of my Nokia Lumia in 10 minutes! Site of trust, I recommend without problem.

Added by Bilel oubdir 2013-06-13
Order yesterday received this morning, IIs not used to ordering on the internet but I am not disappointed. I recommend this site!

Added by sebastien garcia 2013-06-13
Excellent product delivery ultra fast and neat, parts not found elsewhere thank you

Added by Olivier VIRY 2013-06-12
Very satisfied. Quality of the piece, speed of delivery.

Added by Gavin 2013-06-12
Delivery very fast. Many messages to inform me about the state of the command. And the control part has solved my problem well :) A little more protection for the small card / connector ordered would have been welcome.

 added by reinhardt 2013-06-12
Sends super fast and if there is a problem it solves it very quickly I recommend this site

Added by Stéphane Raffaelli 2013-06-11
Frankly impressed by this site: Unique by the products offered (I have not managed to find elsewhere the room I needed) + excellent communication: quick and cordial response to questions asked by mail + free shipping. Really great. I'll make you pub ...!

Added by Patrick PASSEBOSC 2013-06-10
Fast shipping and parts that work nickel if you follow the instructions to the letter. Replacing a broken touch screen and a hull. 100% identical to the original. Smartphone like new.

 added by Rebecca LABBE 2013-06-08
Serious and professional - Screen 4S impeccable - Proximity sensor ok very good image quality as the original. A big thank you Cordially

Added by Angélique 2013-06-07
Order sent the same day, sending carefully and product exactly matching the image and the descriptions on the site. No unpleasant surprise then. Very professional, impeccable quality, free shipping. A big thank you! I advise this seller and would call him without hesitation as soon as I need spare parts or accessories for my mobile.

Added by Gabriel COCHET 2013-06-07
Serious, fast, spare parts are of very good quality

 added by Damien 2013-06-07
Broken Nokia 610: control of the part on the site. Fast delivery + help with video link. Perfect. And all that, for less than 20.

Added by Isabelle Lebigre 2013-06-07
Very good service: fast and neat sending perfect !! Very apreciable the tutorial of the assembly parts I really recommend this site for the purchase of your parts! Thank you

Added by Sandra Dardenne 2013-06-06
Order a glass with its tools delivered the day after the order! Very professional .. I recommend this site!

Added by Olivier 2013-06-03
frankly nickel. Order on Friday afternoon, received on Monday by mail. Simply outstanding

Added by david fontaine 2013-06-02
A site at the top thank you continue the adventure is not finished

Added by Jean michel 2013-06-01
Sending fast and neat, thank you!

Added by eric lataste 2013-05-28
As usual, super-fast delivery !! Thank-you for your prompt response!!

Added by andre blanc 2013-05-28
Site very serious and very fast, delivery the next day. genial.

Added by Kévin Queva 2013-05-27
Bought the 24/05, received this morning 27/05 (weekend), packed neat! To recommend !

Added by sanka 2013-05-24
Very serious site. Command of a touch screen made Saturday evening, received Tuesday morning. Piece without defect, without scratch, well protect and pack in box. I pay 20 euro :-) instead of the 130 euro ask in bouygue shops !!! Thank you piece-mobile.com.

Added by Jarno Pietercil 2013-05-21
Items: 4/5 Delivery: 5/5 Service: 5/5 1st order of LCD for Samsung GLAXY Mini 2 Dead on arrivalSecond was the right one. I advise this site for any purchase of spare parts.

Added by Bibler 2013-05-21
Very good service Thanks to all the team of PIECE MOBILE

Added by orfeo dane 2013-05-17
Perfect I recommend to all those looking for a serious site fast and efficient and very responsive. They are almost perfect !!!!!

Added by Sébastien FOURNIER 2013-05-16
Hello everyone, order made on Sunday, received on Wednesday and there, disappointment, missing the Torx screwdriver !!! I contact at 2 pm the site and Thursday, to the courier, the screwdriver shipped in express !!! SUPER REACTIVE. Thank you again, I advise.

Added by stolf gaby 2013-05-16
Congratulations to this company and its collaborators for their skill and prompt response, prompt delivery. Recommended site (already done)

Added by Hugel
Hello, I do not usually bring a testimony, But the hat down, On site, the facility to find the proper parts, The delivery, the parcel is arrive on time, The small +, the link for the Tutorial of the assembly of the parts. This is what we call, being professionals. Cdt

Added by Zetla Rhoya 2013-05-11
Quick delivery ! Nikel protection packing! Extra nothing to say!

 added by Céline 2013-05-11
Finally received my long awaited tactile window !! 10 days to cross France from East to West! Big flat: no help to the assembly and disassembly of the old pane, no advice telling me that it was imperative to have specific double-sided tape ...

Added by Brice VICO 2013-05-10
2 different pieces ordered in less than a month, the 2 received very quickly and in excellent condition. Recommended!

Added by Céline 2013-05-10
Order validated on 2/05. It is May 10 and still nothing to mail ... but there have been holidays so I still patience a little ...

Added by jean pierreBrochard 2013-05-09
I highly recommend this site, true speedy gonzales for delivery .....

Added by Dylan Brouillard 2013-05-09
Still no delivery: (expediee the 06/05/13 and we are the 09/05/13 not yet my order

Added by eric de felice 2013-05-08
Super happy! Product fast shipping ordered on saturday night book on sunday serious website sending fast and well packed I recommend it to all

Added by denou dominique 2013-05-07
I thank you for your reactivity in cde on SundayDelivery in conformity on Tuesday morning assembly of the screen the same evening ca works bravo

Added by Noemie DERVAL 2013-05-07
Super supplier. Delivery not in 24h! Packaging neat, what more can you ask for? Thank you!

Added by morel philippe 2013-05-07
Order pass on sunday 05/05/2013 on is the 07/05/2013 has 16h39 always no order but to carry out by chronopost estimate tomorrow at home before 13H Wednesday and Thursday ferier or and thus this order ????? ????

Added by Jean claude maleplate 2013-05-06
Very good supplier fast as much to solve problems as deliveries I recommend to all.

Added by yannick 2013-05-04
2nd transaction ideal again for a speaker nokia 610 that still works thanks

Added by christian 2013-05-04
Ordered on Wednesday evening May 1, delivery on Friday morning. Difficult to do better

Added by HB 2013-05-03
Great, I have never seen such fast delivery. I ordered on Wednesday May 1st and was delivered on Friday morning.

Added by Régis MOREAU 2013-05-03
I'm very happy to have trusted you. The quality ratio excellent, a clear site, impeccable follow-up. I will send you well Montebourg ...

Added by patrice dufour 2013-05-03
Fast delivery, neat packing, I recommend.)

Added by ilitch 2013-05-03
Very fast delivery and very reasonable price. Perfect!

Added by Teddy Rilliot 2013-05-02
Order received in 1 working day, mounting the screen in 15 min with the help of the supplied videos, my Nokia Lumia 800 comes alive! Sending good, small prices, thank you :)

Added by JG2013-04-30
Order passed Saturday, received Monday morning. The icing on the cake: my phone comes back. Good site, I recommend!

Added by ISAERT 2013-04-29

Added by justine DRAPERI 2013-04-29
Piece notes as sent and received but in fact no I have never received the piece but against money they do not forget it, c cool ...

Added by Damien 2013-04-28
Nokia 610 screen control: fast and free delivery. I had to re-order for a Torx T5 screwdriver that I thought I had. Link provided forThe disassembling tutorial. Perfect.

Added by RAFIK BOUAOUNE 2013-04-28
Super! Order placed on Thursday morning, reception the next day at noon.

Added by antonio Da cruz 2013-04-27
Perfect service and value for money unbeatable

Added by claude Leberruyer 2013-04-27
Awesome! I did not expect to be served as quickly Order on Thursday night reception on Saturday morning at the post who said Better? Serious house with security guarantee. Thanks see you soon

Added by J-Christophe 2013-04-27
I ordered a touch screen on Wednesday night received on Friday. No problem of packages and packaging. Congratulations for the seriousness and the speed and in addition it is not expensive I recommend.

Added by david grenier 2013-04-26
Buy Htc 8X C620e Works correctly!

Added by Fabrice 2013-04-25
Ordered the day before !!! Received the next day !!! Installation without problems !! (Just an adhesive would have been perfect to replace the old one, but really amazing.

Added by AP 2013-04-24
Order very quickly shipped, 1 ref HS unpacking, shipping a new piece very fast, envelope prepaid joint for the return of defective part, very pro./ Div>

Added by ludivine tessari 2013-04-24
Screen order Sunday received on Wednesday that fast happiness cheap you more ... :-)

Added by yannick 2013-04-24
Very well received in 1 jr the exact model touch screen for nokia lumia 610 my tel works for 19th c super I highly recommend thank you for your serious

Added by Christophe Duchamp 2013-04-23
Received my Galaxy Ace 1 48 hours by regular mail after ordering it and I was able to change it easily the same evening thanks to the video. Thank you, excellent service and that saving thanks to you!

Added by jeanClaude maleplate 2013-04-23
Supplier very serious fast delivery to recommend

Added by jennifer pascal 2013-04-22
I ordered a touch screen for my Nokia Lumia 610 order Friday afternoon I believe received today Monday nothing to say no worries and my nokia works again and in addition it is not expensive I recommend./ Div>

Added by Rémi Levallois 2013-04-18
I ordered my galaxy ace screen on Tuesday night, on Thursday morning it was home. So very fast and once mounted the screen works as originally. So great.

Added by Heurtebise 2013-04-18

Added by Marc Ruey 2013-04-18
I received my order the next day with the post and the screen for an xperia arc works perfectly. Congratulations on your seriousness and speed!

Added by RAZR 2013-04-17
Frankly there are no accessories for Motorola razr i xt890 even not a screens.

Added by Sylvain Coudert 2013-04-16
Fast, serious, reactive for the treatment of errors, cordial reports. Nikel! :)

 added by stephane lelievre 2013-04-14
First order and very surprised by the speed, the quality of the 2 products ordered and the packaging of the package! Satisfied 100% thank you

Added by palladium974 2013-04-13
No parcel problem, x10 mini pro screens up and runs nickel. Excellent shop.

Added by Emmanuel Dumoulin 2013-04-12
Quick and serious Emmanuel de belgique

Added by ALEX
For me, one of the best site I dealt with. Very fast delivery, good dialogue with know What happiness !!!!!

Added by Pierre 2013-04-11
Serious and fast. Room ordered Monday morning, received Tuesday. The help found on the site helped me to change the loudspeaker of my mobile. Very satisfied

Added by laurie M
The screen for my sony arc s is better than I thought. Very fast delivery .... and free french company short nikel j'adore

Added by Dara Sowan 2013-04-10
Very satisfied. I found all the parts I needed at a more than reasonable price with bonus editing aids; that is the demand of the people...

Added by Pierre-Louis N. 2013-04-09
Serious shop with good support in case of worry: I recommend!

Added by christian girard 2013-04-08
2 card readers sim galaxy S3 none functional, cross test with a new drive of a pack and such works ???? Fast delivery but parts HS

Added by romac
I come back to you as promised so glass samsung note 10.1 bought and finished al moment of laying the tablet is new too happy thank you to you for the spare parts as I said precedament on me proposed 190 EUROS THE REPARATION economy 140 euros thank you the video is Perfect for mounting and dismounting thank you thanks +++++++++++++++++++++++

addedBy edmond navarro 2013-04-07
Thanks for your speed

Added by pascal pauthier
Very satisfied with moving parts. Fast delivery, contact at every step of the order, product conform, packaging neat, setting up the product with the help of the moving part tuto and miracle it works! (Provide double face for reassembly). I highly recommend this site. Thank you piece mobile!

Added by BUCAMP 2013-04-06
To follow my first testimony Very good reactivity on the after sale. I received a piece that did not work. The day after my mail I received some advice to check that it came from room. Exchange done j + 1 without any difficulty Bravo I recommend

 added by jean claude maleplate 2013-04-06
Very good seller.

Added by jean claude maleplate 2013-04-06
Very good seller.

Added by Michel Coignet 2013-04-05
Delivery in a day, alas, the screen delivered is not the latest generation: I no longer have automatic rotation ... To avoid, so!

Added by emmanuel soligo 2013-04-05
Service advice and top customer: answer without delay shop to follow with interest.

Added by Maxime Bouvier 2013-04-04
It is perfect, packaging for transport is secure, finally, I recommend you!

Added by bucamp 2013-04-04
Fast delivery in a well protected packaging. The touchscreen works very badly. I relaunch the services and keep you informed of their professsionalism.

Added by Cindy KOLLER 2013-04-03
Delivery in 2 days! For quality, I still do not know, but I keep you informed;)

Added by Julien Blancher 2013-04-03
Parts cheaper than elsewhere, delivery in 2 days, order processed on a holiday, packaging and impeccable protection in Letter Followed! I recommend and add to favorites!

Added by romac 2013-04-03
Delivery super fast and samsung galaxy note 10.1 not yet intalle but with the video ca al ai super simple thank you to you to provide these pieces to the particular one wanted to invoice me a repair in a mag 190 euros economy realize thank you to you I will post Another comment when i will have placed the piece thanks again site recommended +++++

Added by Knarfus 2013-04-01
Very fast delivery, arranging site and fast reimbursement following a returned item

Added by Théo ZLAT 2013-03-30
TOP !! Piece ordered the 29/03 at 14h20 and received the following day with the post thus delay to the top! RAS on the part (Connector Jack and HP Samsung Galaxy S) that looks like the original (the micro-welding even look better) !! I who often repair phones I found my supplier in spare parts! :)

Added by david grenier 2013-03-27
LG P700 screen quality

Added by Samuel DUBOS 2013-03-27
Scotché, cdé Monday and received Tuesday, Bravo! Material very well packed, Really, a very good site that I recommend!

Added by Mathieu Ansart 2013-03-26
Original parts of very good quality and very interesting price, sending neat, fast and free. Besides that, tools (screwdrivers ...) of mediocre quality, more personal phone number appears on letter of expedition?!?/ Div>

Added by André Sellent 2013-03-25
Congratulations for your seriousness and speed. Recommendable site.

Added by galaxy 2013-03-19
Delivery time very correct, send yesterday arrive the next day ... package care RAS! Product conformed off during the assembly I have to recast the screen ... it gives me I stop: @ Other site very serious. I do not know if the screen was damaged during delivery or if I broke it ...

Added by moim
They are at the top delivery rappid!

Added by Alexandre Josso 2013-03-18
Highly recommended. A small error on the part sent: not serious, the problem is taken care of and resolved in less time than it takes to say "please". Quick shipment, communication and exemplary responsiveness. Piece-mobile.com has shown great professionalism during my order and I thank you!

Added by junac 2013-03-18
Not the correct drive by order no. Fa000361, order a DG16D4S reader, and received a DG 16D2S reader, please do the necessary

Added by G. Larroque 2013-03-17
Super reactive site. Very efficient service. To recommend !!!

Added by cyril 2013-03-17
error on spool control. Contact for an exchange. NO ANSWER. I think we have a right to be wrong. NOT ON THIS SITE

Added by aissa 2013-03-17
EXCELLENT. Nothing to say respectful of deadlines, is serious to recommend.

Added by eric calaud 2013-03-16
Site of the most serious fast and competent

Added by Philippe Bouvy 2013-03-15
Traders very good, very correct .... they react quickly, the prices offered are correct short really serious. We will order again! Philippe Bouvy Idéal Tentes - Belgium -

 added by laurent 2013-03-14
Very good site, perfectly compatible and fast part in sending parcels. Would recommend ++++

Added by laurent 2013-03-14
Very good site, perfectly compatible and fast part in sending parcels. Would recommend ++++

Added by To 2013-03-14
Very fast !! Impeccable! I recommend this site!/ Div>

Added by eric
Very good site, serious, fast delivery recommended. A child's game to change the glass of my Galaxy ace thanks to your tuto a thousand times thank you

Added by didier 2013-03-14
This site is great !! Pieces ordered yesterday towards 11H .. received this morning !! what speed !! My tel is like new !! Thak you for being serious !! I will not hesitate to re-order at home !!

Added by chatellier 2013-03-13
Site reliable, cheap, I was able to mount my screen of such mobile in 5 minutes with an explanation on the net.

Added by bruno roure 2013-03-09
Thank you for your efficiency my htc left for a ride

Added by juhel
simple and fast site to recommended very very satisfied

Added by cyrille goupil

Added by Deschamps 2013-03-07
Excellent, room received two days later, and works well.

Added by philippe HONORE 2013-03-02
Second order for single shipments 48 ha home. I am in love with your site. If everybody was spinning like you the world would be much better. I recommend it to 1000%. Made of the PUB to be site, because they are serious and effective people.

 added by BOUBBY 2013-03-02
Hello Galaxy Y: Fast delivery, Reception nickel Repair Successful Thank you again Phone finally I see clear cool site I recommend

Added by BOUBBY 2013-03-02
Hello Galaxy Y: Fast delivery, Reception nickel Repair Successful Thank you again Phone finally I see clear cool site I recommend

Added by daniel periy 2013-03-01
Site to recommend, very serious, ordered product did not work, immediately replaced without waiting for my defective product to be returned thank you

Added by Julien BASSET 2013-02-28
I recommend +++

Added by VIVIER 2013-02-27
Super reactivity. The piece ordered (touchscreen for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1) arrived in 2 days ... unfortunately, small defect on the piece ... no worries ... a mail later, a new piece arrived (with the Explanations of pro who go with ...), and I was able to make my repair without problem! A big thank-you !

Added by herve thirion 2013-02-26
Really serious and fast my screen was not available I asked to be notified the next day that it is available, I order and hop 24h after I receive it bravo and thank you for the tutorial

Added by Etienne 2013-02-26
Fast delivery and well protected.

Added by johann 2013-02-26
I still can not play his fai more 2 me his begins a minquiete jatent a reply from you

Added by Fabrice Vansteelandt 2013-02-26
Ordered and paid by bank transfer from Belgium on 12/02 received on 20/02 via post ... Fast. Product well packaged and protected. I highly recommend this site. Fabrice Vansteelandt (Tournai - Belgium)

Added by louiz 2013-02-26
Ordered Saturday received Monday! Super fast and well packed to recommend ++

Added by GregoryFinetin 2013-02-25
Thank you, Quality products, contact at the top, and super fast shipment, really only more ++++

Added by Jaufrey schutz 2013-02-23
Super delivery in less than 24 hours order yesterday at 17h received this morning 10h super site Thank you

Added by michael 2013-02-22
I received my delivery deteriorated in its packaging (packing of the supplier) 2nd referral of a piece without negotiations (after finding on photos) the fateful, the mail loses the parcel (follow-up) 3rd reference of bravo piece for the treatment of the disputes Very serious and in good faith despite problems that I do not impute a piecemobile I keep the site in mark page and even if one day the piece is a little more expensive than elsewhere I would recommend on the piecemobile site

Added by cedric melot 2013-02-22
Buy a lcd screen, despite the default of the first, fast and perfect exchange, very good site

Added by Roman 2013-02-21
Super service, delay, there is nothing to say ... bravo!

Added by bruno thieulen 2013-02-21

Added by Romain Quesnel 2013-02-21
Perfect ! Delivered in 2 working days after acceptance of the order! 100% Reliable! Congratulations!/ Div>

Added by thierry
Very good site and very fast, super

Added by Baudry Bruce 2013-02-20
Glass gts5830i ordered received as soon as possible perfect to my expectations so re-order a battery and a protective film and thank you for the video Tuto !!!

Added by david grenier 2013-02-19
Samsung wave 2 impecable

Added by david grenier 2013-02-19
Windows samsungWave 2 impecable

Added by morin christelle 2013-02-19
Perfect very good site tres pro fast delivery in addition the response of mails is immediately

Added by Gael 2013-02-16
Very fast, and a great sense of service! Would recommend./ Div>

Added by Eric 2013-02-16
Sony LCD screen for my HTC ordered Wednesday night, received Friday. Mounted the same evening no PB. Difficult to do faster.

Added by aurélien bouchisse 2013-02-15
order yesterday at 13H received this morning plus everything works well

Added by dorothee lor 2013-02-15
Hello very fast order yesterday received thank you thank you

Added by slyde
Thank you has tt equipe +5 for you I found my galaxy ace tt new as the first day and for 27 euros only I had to buy nine 240 ms small problem it is fall of blow more glass touch and higher internal speaker ms thanks to Vs c resolu thank you for your quickiter also -2jour to receive tt my pieces brief big big up to all

Added by Olivier buelens 2013-02-12
Ordered the 11/02, received the 12/02 !! - of 24h! Xperia replacement screen.Just perfect !!

Added by gaza
I am very happy with this site I recommend it to friends. Delivery is fast

Added by radoux
What you call the tablecloth thank you

Added by David De lisi 2013-02-11
Delivery always hyper hyper, site serious, thank you

Added by jean-françois claise 2013-02-11
I ordered a speaker for my communicationOrola Deffy2 because the original sizzled, RAs on delivery times and hardware. Once mounted everything works normally then a few days later, the new HP has stopped working. A little dissatisfied, I send an email to piece-mobile around 11pm at night. At 9:00 am the next day an answer telling me that my request was taken into consideration, then another confirming me sending a new HP. I allucinait! The next day in my mailbox I was delivered! Thanks to the whole team!

Added by Claude DRAGEE
Fast delivery with confidence

Added by daniel periy 2013-02-10
Good site 2 orders carried out no worries a worry on a glass tactile answer on Saturday mat glass in exchange received on Tuesday suyper

Added by Brosselard damien 2013-02-10
Hello, I contacted the sav because my screen did not work. Now everything works nikel c, very good website fast response and problem solved very fast. Thank you a super c

Added by sullivan charlier 2013-02-09
Very good site !!

Added by Julian 971GUADELOUPE 2013-02-08
Perfect customer service, I received my order even faster than I expected fast solutions everything is NIKEL !!! see you!!

Added by sebastien GREBAUX 2013-02-07
Super fast shipment, touchscreen LG l7 ordered on Wednesday noon, received on Thursday morning .... but can you specify in the designation that there is not double-sided touchscreen (-1 star)/ Div>

Added by Eric D. 2013-02-07
Express delivery, I was able to change the conversation speaker of my motorola defy very easily in 20min thanks to the videos. All that 2 days after my breakdown! Thank you

Added by delphine wendling 2013-02-06
I received today the 2nd glass of my laptop and it works great everything is perfect

Added by Sebastien & Fabienne LESCELLES²² 2013-02-06
We contacted the customer service for information, we were contacted within the next hour with the information we were looking for. We ordered the product left in same day delivery and the delivery times were well respected the product was very well packed for the shipment it arrived very much in line with what we had ordered. I give a score of 20/20 and recommend the PIECE-MOBILE site highly to everyone </ Div>

Added by Sylvain 2013-02-05

Added by Grégory LIGER 2013-02-05
Fast!!! I put only 4 stars in relation to an error in sending the first command (screen received white instead of black) but deserves a very good note nevertheless given the speed of treatment of the problem. Continue like that!

Added by roger leborre 2013-02-05
A quick transaction a very fast delivery a sav which answers quickly to the questions by mail instead they forgot to specify that you must buy an adhesive damage .............. that would be good 'Added with and include it in the price or suggest it with purchase

Added by delphine wendling 2013-02-05

Added by CAB 2013-02-04
Fast and efficient: continued small problem of non conformity of product, a replacement was provided within 2 days, thanks

Added by Gauthier Pauwels 2013-02-01
Rectification for the missing order it was a delay of the post !!! So 5 stars because I can not put more! Would recommend with eyes closed ...

Added by LaureNt FREGER 2013-02-01
Fast and effective. Well placed in price I recommend this site

Added by jerome 2013-02-01
What speed! Packaging top! Friendly service. thank you

Added by paredes 2013-02-01
Very good site ... fast delivery

Added by Zoran Mikic 2013-01-31
J cammande a flexible sensor samsung for galaxy s3 and I received a speaker. I wait for the good pieces.donc 8 days waiting. Not very seriux.

Added paR Clem09 2013-01-31
Very good service to recommend combining speed and efficiency! Order received the very next day! Must be the first reflex for a command of this type.

Added by francis domon 2013-01-31
Speed ​​and efficiency for your perfect intervention

Added by Brosselard damien 2013-01-31
Hello, order passed on Friday or Saturday and Monday morning order received, parts very well protected in order to worry. One of the marked pieces, small fart on the screen, the screen does work but can be that it is my laptop that has a worry. I contacted the sav and they replied quickly, I asked them if it was the screen or the phone that died. If not super site very fast pars mail and for orders

Added by stephane daniel 2013-01-30
Delivery on time, thank you. But I'm not sure there was more thickness. This may be my disassembly is involved. I have not been able to test the functions of the touch screen for htc sensation xl, because I broke my lcd screen during my repair test.

Added by marie langlois 2013-01-30
Information on very clear articles. Easy control, flash reception. I ordered yesterday I received this morning. Wow! Great site I recommend it with eyes closed!

Added by pauwels Gauthier 2013-01-30
Order passed on Friday evening, received Monday in a package relatively well protected! On the other hand it is Wednesday and I still did not receive theScrewdriver and opening set ordered the same days! Business to follow ... (- 1 star for that! If not nickel)

Added by roro 2013-01-29
Order received very quickly. Packing a little light of has an excess of confidence of the post .... content in accordance with the opening. Would highly recommend. (Hoping that the gear works at lol editing) .....

Added by Christophe 2013-01-28
Room ordered on Friday evening, received on Monday, really perfect. Site to keep in his favorites, some should follow the example ... Perfect! Keep going.

Added by didier uncinati 2013-01-28
I have already ordered here, and I am not yet disappointed. Delivery inS the times as advertised. It is now my number 1 supplier for gsm parts.

Added by Aspow 2013-01-28
Piece ordered Friday evening 23h, received Monday in letter followed. Montage this afternoon, phone OK. Impec service!

Added by Bogacki 2013-01-26
Ordered the 25/01/2013, received the 26/01/2013 in letter followed without supplement, nothing to say about the product. Excellent

Added by thomas rigaud 2013-01-26
Very good site, received in 2 days ... lecran marche nikel.monter in 3min.un site to recommend without doubt

Added by Jean PAul Huriaux 2013-01-25
Ordered the 23/01/2013 received the 25.01 / 2013 Change of touch glass on Nokia Lumia 30 mn shows in hand thanks to the video Felicitatations.Je would advertise you.

Added by didier 2013-01-25
Very good seller i recommend

Added by Daniel Trepagne 2013-01-25
Nothing to complain about is impeccable !!!!!! From the beginning, request for information, until delivery in Belgium, an extreme seriousness. I can only recommend this site !!!!!

Added by didier bordeau 2013-01-23
You refund meThank you

Added by Justine 2013-01-23
I withdraw what I said earlier, very good site.

Added by cedric 2013-01-23
Very, very good site, already two orders at home and it is not finished I think, very responsive on customer service, reasonable prices in addition. Thank you

Added by Didier Bordes 2013-01-23

Added by Justine Bouis 2013-01-22
Scam! LCD screen thatDoes not work, not the right dimension! Very disapointed!

Added by LIVOLSI 2013-01-22
Price of call of the window of the iphone 5 announced like being in rupture a month ago to 99 ... available since yesterday to 195 !!!! Look for the error For my part, I will buy this window on a site more serious and more careful of its customers

Added by christophe 2013-01-21
Super site and serious, fast, I recommend.

Added by DEL MERCATO 2013-01-20
Delighted the delivery was made on time, however the packaging seemed to me thin for what it was but arrived without incident, flawless.

 added by ernest barbosa 2013-01-20
Very good quote express delivery original piece, once changed function impeccable.Encore THANK YOU.

Added by guidi 2013-01-19
After a mistake of order, the site reacted immediately, a faultless of their part, I will recommend without hesitation thank you again for all and very fast delivery

Added by christophe clerc 2013-01-19
Super content for delivery but the screws screw does not hold 2 screws d removed and voila can not remove the other

Added by Saugues 2013-01-19
Control of a glass for an optimum lg received 2 days after the order and it happens that there were 2 models (at the connector). Sending a message for info and a message informing me about sending the window with the appropriate connector. Received quickly. Bravo Summary SERIEUX, RAPIDE Site to advise.

Added by Georges COSTA 2013-01-18
Deliveries very fast. Arrival of packages in perfect condition. No problems returning a product after a command error on my part. If all the sites could be like that !!!!!

Added by emmanuel suter 2013-01-18
Order of a window for Samsung Galaxy Tab on Wednesday evening at 9 pm, reception on Friday morning at the courier the all free shipping in addition. thank you

Added by olivier de guadeloupe 2013-01-17
Very fast delivery. Order passes on Monday evening, delivery made Thursday morning in Guadeloupe. Bravo

Added by Christophe 2013-01-17
Good evening So order it on Wednesday received on Thursday, very good site and compliant object, adviser.

Added by eric 2013-01-17
Fast delivery only bémole coli (letter) fragile

Added by frederic Veyrié 2013-01-17
Very fast delivery. Product well packaged. Competetive price.

Added by stEphane luceau 2013-01-17
Very fast delivery (24h), very protected and conforming product. I keep the site as a favorite and highly recommend it.

Added by Julien 2013-01-16
The fastest sending I ever had on the internet !! Congratulations !!

Added by Chrystel Mottier 2013-01-16
Super fast delivery, neat shipment and impeccable material! Thank you

Added by lionel gregoire 2013-01-15
Super fast.

Added by thIerry 2013-01-14
Very fast delivery is in good condition has a small problem solved very quickly in the same day is very fast books also very good site and serious I would recommend disappointed without problem I recommend it to people I reiterate good site

Added by Martin Lhoest 2013-01-13
Compliant parts, correct price, very reasonable delay, in short a service of pro

Added by Fabien Lintignac 2013-01-11
Ultra fast, AU top, delivery under 24h with the post, thank you !!!!

Added by Kévin Bargoin 2013-01-10
Super fast, very good quality material.I find a Defy with an HP conversation after more than 4 months of call in HP ringtone.PF: Microfiber gloves are really reserved for very small hands .

Added by Jean-Claude MAUNIER 2013-01-10
Magnificent !! Order yesterday, received today ... very fast service for a free delivery ... product well packaged and compliant !! BRAVO, I recommend!

Added by jean-pierre faure
Bravo, Ordered on 7/01 delivered on 9/01 in very good condition JP

Added by omar 2013-01-09
Bravo site clear fast expedition video quality of the goods What to say go there with eyes closed

Added by Xavier.T 2013-01-08
Super fast! I was a little afraid to know my phone screen in an envelope but it's all going well. The postmen have not made the bags, o) 2 days after my order I can re-enjoy my broken phone after 3 months of use (LG L7). For info, SFR's service department gave me a repair range of around 250 to 300 euros. I spent 2 hours but I got for 37 euros. Thank you for the seriousness, the speed and above all the price!

Added by JESUS ​​SANTOS 2013-01-08
I do not recommend this site as their merchandise is not worth a nail. Aceter a tactile glass for my samsung 575, a faith go up impossible to unlock the screen, basically a real shit./ Div>

Added by denis c 2013-01-08
excellent address: incredible delays (ordered on Saturday evening received on Tuesday lunch!) And the exact reference in original piece!

Added by Media86
Hyper Fast and Compliant Description

Added by Ludwig
HTC ONE X repaired successfully! Young but serious company! The order was prepared within one day and shipped immediately. I received my screen according to the deadlines of the post. The package is sent as a priority letter and plotted in real time. Regarding the received part (complete screen glass + lcd) as well as the tooling were according to the order. The plastic tooling is a bit light to extract the screen which is widely glued on all sides so the tools broke but there were others so no worries. The screen is of good quality since certainly original. The only hic are the tutos that are not the responsibilityOf that company. The tutorials show simple disassembly in less than 10 minutes but in reality there is glue everywhere it cracks it is dirty and there are plenty of stickers everywhere. Result breakage of my camera but repairable without worries. To summarize: THE +: serious company that resells quality with regard to moving parts and who takes the trouble to put links to repair even. The price is hyper competitive and it is a reseller located in France! They are very reactive when dealing with electronic exchanges. LES -: only the tools are not of high quality (you should review your supplier). I recommend this site and you can order without hesitation! Thank you to the entire pièce-mobile.com team

Added by fabien landois 2013-01-06
Super site point of view time price quality and information.thanks

Added by fabien landois 2013-01-06
Super satisfait site has finally recommend a site bravo

Added by jean-francois 2013-01-05
Delivered in 24H by letter followed without charge, very well packed (window !!). Support video for excellent editing. I recommend this site

Added by sebastien 2013-01-04
Well received the package quickly and the assembly super simple, I recommend this site

Added by guillemot
Finally a serious box !! Very fast shipping and very recommendable

Added by Jean-François JOSEPH-AMAND 2013-01-03
Pieces ordered 1st received on 3, hat low, promise held. Congratulations, thank you and all my best wishes for this new year.

Added by DUMOULIN 2013-01-03
19 eur for a window that I changed in 30 minutes, instead of the 79 eur requested by a repairman. There is no photo !!! Very well advised, good disassembly videos. Perfect !!!

Added by Rodry 2013-01-03
Overall satisfied, HTC Sensation XE + Screen (With red keys). The products delivered (in 2/3 days) correspond to the description, and Youtube links to help the disassembly of the Portable. I recommend it without hesitation.

Added by Laurent SELLES 2013-01-02
I bought a shellE complete for Samsung Galaxy S2 white to redo the back of my phone because the lens was scratched. Fast delivery, perfect conditioning but what was not my surprise when I opened the hull ... It is a rude fake, the Samsung chrome inscription on the battery cover is slobbery. The quality of the materials is very poor compared to the original. But why not, I will not mount this product on my phone, because the back cover is totally empty. The microphone should be peeled off and full of small metal connectors in the original part. Very little for me. My phone works very well, the lens is only scratched, so I would not dare to mount such poor quality parts. I am very disappointed and I lost 30.

Added by Christian Temprano 2013-01-02
Thanks thanks thanks. 1. Super fast delivery. 2. I fix my HP HS tonight and it works great. So bravo, it's worth 5 stars. thanks again

Added by eric 2013-01-02
it isfact ! My screen s3 is changed! After a very rapid delivery of moving part, I launched myself; But I basically relied on the following video that details the linking process to the end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkO06xJEd1c MUST remain zen; quiet done in 2 small hours

Added by eric brunello 2012-12-31
Very impressed by the speed of service and the serious no hesitation to have

Added by eric brunello 2012-12-31
Very impressed by the speed of service and the serious no hesitation to have

Added by yoan legendre 2012-12-31
Lcd screen and broken touch screen on my galaxy misi s2. Rooms have arrivedQuickly, unfortunately the tactile window did not respond to the touch after the editing. 3 messages later and 2 days of expectations the new glass is mounted and works perfectly with in addition a envelope ready to poster to return the defective pane. Congratulations to your site and to your knowledge which are of a serious exemplary.

Added by Aurelien Malbaut 2012-12-30
I have my laptop screen of my galaxy S cracked and the tactile did not work after a fall, so it is disassembled is ordered a screen lcd touch samsung galaxy S gt-i9003 on the 27/12/12 and I ' Is received on 29/12/12, thank you for the speed I was up and the galaxy S went away the screen and the tactile spot impeccable :)

Added by Nicolas Dubois 2012-12-30
After a very courteous e-mail exchange with the site manager and comparing prices on the net. I ordered a touch screen for my Samsung ACE on Monday night and I rReceived by post on Thursday in Belgium. Site to recommend !!!!

Added by Sébastien 2012-12-29
My Galaxy S2 fell Thursday morning => HS screen. I ordered Thursday night and I received the screen on Saturday morning. Mounted in 30 min. My Galaxy S2 works as before. Just nickel.

Added by raymond o. 2012-12-29
I want to tell you BRAVO for your site and especially for the seriousness. You have been responsive at any time of the day. I first misled my order, you canceled it and then refunded. Thursday morning I ordered the right article to know a SAMSUNG ACE laptop, I received it Friday morning. In the afternoon, she was asked and my laptop is working again as before Still a big BRAVO and long life to your company

Added by Julien Moulin 2012-12-28
Ordered yesterday, received today, super serious, fast and very good quality parts, thank you!

Added by Rodolphe 2012-12-28
Concerns the purchase of a complete shell for Samsung ace. Very fast delivery. Item in accordance with description and quality. Thank you. I highly recommend this site. Cdt

Added by fabrice 2012-12-28
An honest and responsive response that honors the mail-order.

Added by Mickaël 2012-12-28
Thank you, it's great for: speed => ordered yesterday afternoon received this product =>Matches exactly my expectations You can buy eyes closed!

Added by Laurent 2012-12-27
Thank you ! Order passed on 26/12 at 2h00 and produced on 27/12 morning !!! Compliant with the expected, mounted on the phone (hp Motorola DEFY conversation) and functional. To recommend.

Added by manu
Fast response

Added by Sébastien 2012-12-26
I ordered a touch screen for a samsung Ace on 19/12/2012, I received my parcel on 22/12/2012 as much to say that it is of the express delivery. No luck for me the window I received was defective, no response to the tactile. So I contacted the audience and theyVery fast time to change it. I just installed it and no problem this time, I return the old one by the post tomorrow. I am very satisfied with this site, it can happen to any merchant to send a defective part, it must see after how it handles the case and piece-mobile.com has been very pro. I recommend this site 100%

Added by Gilles Drouard 2012-12-25
Can not cancel an alert, while I no longer need this device for several months, so sana stops the raises even with a sender blocked in my messages

Added by GUIBAL 2012-12-25
Ordering a room from an unusual telephone on 21/12 at 3 pm received on 24/12 at 9 am with a week end in the middle. Service and fast delivery and very interesting rate

Added by Jacques 2012-12-24
Delivery in Belgium on time and packaging impec saw the fragility of the piece. To be clarified, however, that the fees for small Belgians ...

Added by jean-michel maheux 2012-12-24
Error delivery hs screen has arrived but all that settle in the hour thank you mobile part good site and nice efficiency

Added by André 2012-12-24
Fast delivery, and neat packaging for a touch screen (Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5938i). And in addition when the phone works after mounting the glass, there is nothing more to add.

Added by FREDERIC CHABOT 2012-12-23
Fast delivery, matching product, very good site at price and quality level

Added by fabien 2012-12-22
What can I say maximum efficiency fast delivery of a window for nokia c7 in addition the window was delivered with the surrounding metal nothing to mount all works nickel a big thank you, you can not say as much of your competitor who I m Addressed before or the window was alone and did not work, good continuation and good party of end of year

Added by DOMINIQUE JOUANIN 2012-12-22
Front of HTC ordered Thursday evening and received Saturday morning, standard mail in letter followed.Site very serious

Added by christian 2012-12-21
Very good site forOrder recu 2 days after order the most there are video disassembly and reassembly on the site genial 30 minutes to replace galaxy ace super simple

Added by François 2012-12-21
Individuals who want to order spare parts, no consideration, no interest for mobile.com parts. I have a supplier who always said to me: "I prefer to have 2000 small customers that 3 big", the day I lose 1, I close shop.

Added by Daniel Ngo 2012-12-20
Cheap price, fast delivery, satisfied: D

Added by steaned
I am technician, so I repair mobile and PC, for spare parts, I have often dealt withHas handymen, hackers; Sites that are not serious, people who only think about profit in short I was wasting my time with funny little ...... One day I ordered on PIECE-MOBILE.COM and there everything changed, speed, Effectiveness, people listening to you (it is rare in the times that run); It is really fun to deal with pros, for me this site is the best, customer service is top and in addition they are cheaper than all others. NO HESITATION TO HAVE it is serious, it's pro, I recommend

Added by Alexis l 2012-12-19
Really a very good service always book in 2 days and very affordable prices

Added by Pierre C 2012-12-19
The room I ordered was defective, a mere mail and I was replaced immediately. The service is reliable and fast, I recommend!

 added by pierre mammoliti 2012-12-19
Order j-1, deliver the next day! Video htc desires, video editing on your site. I could almost go to work in china for htc! 70 euro of economy if repair done in shop. thank you !

Added by Baudry 2012-12-19
+ Good price + very fast delivery - torx T5 screwdriver of very poor quality (not reusable)

Added by jd 2012-12-18
Impeccable service, ordered on Tuesday delivered Thursday, product well conditioned!

Added by ALAIN GEGO 2012-12-18
Nicel, sends very fast and no complaints about the quality of the merchandise.

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Piece well received which corresponded to my request small problem of delivery but only from the post I thank the team for its serieux

Added by BEATRICE DUBAL 2012-12-17
Thank you. Fast delivery and perfect and very well packaged. Continue like that do not change anything.

Added by Laura Bantuelle 2012-12-16
Correction of my comment! A PIECE DOES NOT WORK! I slammed 25 euros for a samsung galaxy ace and the plug is not good! DECUTE A MOOORT !!!!

 added by chris 2012-12-16
Hello all, on my Samsung Galaxy note 2 white I would like to change the metalliser outline as well as the back cover, or then I find these parts at reasonable price please? thank you in advance :)

Added by xavier 2012-12-15
Super site, ultra fast, screen of my s2 break Thursday afternoon on 13/12, ecran ordered in the evening around 18h, delivered Saturday by the post at 12H, is replaced in the afternoon.supper performant recommended.merci piece mobile.

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Hello, I just wanted to point out to everyone that I am happy with this site and the services they offer. I received my brand new piece in Switzerland, after a week, I repaired my HTC without any problem, TIP TOP

Added by fabrice devosse
Simple ... Fast and efficient ... What more can I say? Aside from Merci !!!!

Added by Gilles Lassus
Congratulations to Mobile Parts. First order on 7/12, receipt of parts on 08/12 !! No luck the site gives me an LCD screen instead of a simple window. Mail of explanation to the site the 9/12 (Sunday) answer on 10/12 to confirm the sending of the right piece that I received on 11/12. The repair is carried out successfully thanks to the videos provided by the site. That good, no delivery costs, secure payment, super reactivity and repair for less than 20 instead of 150 in shop. Still thank you and long life to Mobile Room.

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"I thank the site !! send fast and without problem so if there is a purchase to make pass by piece mobile I recommend it

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Exeption site, touchscreen control on Wednesday evening at 11 pm deliver on Friday morning. Piece of quality, I recommend this site has everyone

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Ordered on Thursday, delivered on Friday, mounted the same evening. Super efficient!

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Screen lcd order the 06 a little before eleven hour received this day the 07 at 10 hours !!! We are tjs impatient to receive our orders on the net and the ca exceeds our esperence !! I order now one atI wanted my phone and would recommend this site

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Cde passed on the 27/11. Cde received at the Meeting on 2/12! All my questions were answered. Very serious site. Thank you

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Super satisfied with the speed of the sends as well as the protection that was made to protect the products, nothing to say fast and correct delivery

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Very serious site I highly recommend it to everyone!

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Very satisfied. Ordered Tuesday, received Wednesday. Compliant product.

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Very satisfied with this supplier, speed of sending, HTC Wildfire touchscreen very well packaged, advice given before order. Simply hat

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I ordered the replacement glass for the Galaxy Ace GT s5830 from belgium. No worries for delivery, piece arrived, suitably packed and protected! Impeccable condition, nothing to say :)

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Order arrived quickly and very well packaged.

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super super site great

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Due to a delivery error shell phone, impressive reactivity, error solved in 48h.merci

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Very satisfied. Very fast. Price, cheap. I would recommend it to people who still hesitate. For me, order on Friday 12:00, book on Saturday before noon, what better.

Added by Erick Nicouleau 2012-11-23
Hello, I personally would like to congratulate you for your competitive rates, quality, speed, to which you have processed my order. I know as a computer engineer that the good opinions that appear on certain sites areSometimes distorted, but there I gave you mine in all sincerity. I am still convinced that I will reserve my next orders and will not fail to recommend you to my friends.

Added by boyer stephanie 2012-11-22
Very happy with the fast send very disappointed for the pierce that does not work I hope it would send another

Added by Michel 2012-11-21
Ordered Sunday evening, received Tuesday at noon and the phone works. No surprises on shipping costs, it's free. Great! to recommend.

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I have just received my order the one I asked for sends well taken care of its delayVery fast ... service perfect in can say excellent ... thank's

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My parcel has not been delivered we will call the police and ask for compensation I am myself lawyer

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Super site, very responsive, reliable and fast on demand. I needed a room that he did not, they searched for it and found it quickly. From order to receipt, 2 days, short to TOP. Would recommend it without hesitation.

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A small message to let know that I ordered a touch screen + chassis on this site and that all c very well spent ... a super fast shipment andAn exemplary follow-up ..... thanks to Best Regards ...; -)

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Hello to all excellent service fast answers again thanks

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Added by Viviane 2012-11-18
Serious, very rApide, competent! Congratulations! I highly recommend this site!/ Div>

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Very fast response i now want the package cheap

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C the first time i order on this site i am from the island of reunion it takes you time to get there

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Excellent service. Fast delivery. No complaints. Continue like that. Bravo

Added by FREDERIC 2012-11-16
Excellent service. Fast delivery. No complaints. Continue like that. Bravo

Added by Beguelin sylvie 2012-11-14
Very fast delivery time. I can not unscrew 3 screws. Problem with the screwdriver.

Added by melanie simon 2012-11-13
Fast delivery. thank you

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hello very satiffais by your site fast thank you I will recommend you in my entourage soon

Added by Rodolphe BELLE
Ordered Thursday night, arrived on Saturday morning, I would order again without problems.

Added by fabien 2012-11-08
Despite the absence of such number on the site that made me doubt before ordering. Everything else impeccable. I ordered a window for galaxy ace, received the next day, climbed in stride and all the touch works impeccably. No difference with before. I recommend this site, fast and correct price.

Added by fredibus
As soon as ordered, soon delivered, bravo! It would beAlmost a pleasure to break down mobile ...

Added by danielle jeantroux 2012-11-08
The received speaker is wider than the original one and does not integrate into the phone

Added by Pluc 2012-11-07
Thank you very much, I was able to repair my phone: D

Added by clabon
Fast and cheap. impec

Added by albert sylvie 2012-11-05
frankly? THANK YOU!!! Send byMade and thanks to the links: two galaxy ace exploded by my teenagers repaired !!! It's awesome :)

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Express delivery, competitive price, quality parts, really great service, missing a piece in my package, once reported receipt of this piece the next morning, trusted site to recommend by and for all

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I am fully satisfied with the site, my order, the speed of delivery, thePrice, customer service and product of course. Thank you again and good luck

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I am fully satisfied with the site, customer service, my order and price, very fast delivery. Enocre thank you good continuation

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Hello, I am very happy with this site, ordered Sunday evening, received Tuesday noon, very fast, coins conform and packaging neat, nothing to say only a big thank you because really this is not the case of all sites, Advise greatly

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Site extra, contact and extra delivery, all at a decent price: highly recommended. (I was told that my laptop was hs: I saved it for 12 euros). Thanks again.

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Super site, fast delivery and original parts

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Quick and honest answer. Flash delivery time. To recommend

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Trusted Site, Fast Delivery, Fast and Effective Information

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Impressive order on Tuesday at 2pm reception Wednesday morning. Really great!! Thank you

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Service impeccable .. I was able to leave alone Bravo to the site and to the whole team

Added by moufid akremi 2012-10-24
Impeccable service .. I was able to leave alone Congratulations to the site and to the whole team

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Super fast !!!!

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2 questions ... and 2 answers fast, complete, honest and sincere. I think I will order here :-)

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Trusted site really nothing to say has to advise fast and effective bravo

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Very responsive, answers to questions, sending of documents. Perfect !

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Very good service ... - Very competitive price - Very fast delivery (-24H) - Impeccable follow-up ... I highly recommend this site!

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Very happy with the service and the speed of sending order Wednesday and received Friday in belgium

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Package arrived quickly, but the room was not working. An email, and 2 days later I received a functional and a pre-envelope envelope to send the bad.Bravo, serious and responsive, I recommend

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Very good follow-up, fast and serious. Company to recommend. Congratulations.

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Delivery hyper fast :) As well as communication;) I add this site to my favorites :) See you soon

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Entirely sAtisfait of this site, order Monday received Wednesday. Experience to renew. Thank you

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Bravo, no other company had managed to find the piece I wanted. I did not need to send many emails, I was informed as and when. I am very satisfied

Added by Jo 2012-10-17
The first piece I received (touch screen htc explorer) was faulty. I reported it by email and was sent back one quickly and without discussion, so I'm satisfied. On the other hand the tutorial to change the glass is not terrible, it does not explain how to peel the glass from its support, which is the most delicate phase.

Added by Carlier 2012-10-14
Question asked on Saturday by mail, answer Sunday morning by mail with a high probability of finding the desired piece.

Added by Natacha L. 2012-10-12
Super satisfied with delivery time !!! Ordered Tuesday and received today morning in Belgium !!!

Added by Marc G. 2012-10-11
Received the day after the order! Raised the same evening and gave a new life to my htc desire! YES Great site and I highly recommend it. Thank you

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Express delivery and super packed

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Very fast delivery, piece ok, competitive price, thank you piece mobile

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Super fast delivery: earphone change (HP ear) HTC Desire easy just needs the right screwdrivers. Great site to recommend

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Fast shipping and compliant !! Bravo

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Very fast delivery ... Ordered on Saturday morning, received Monday morning ... And in addition the repair works !!!

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Super happy I received my package, very fast service especially for the martinique ... my phone is like new and the prices are interesting! thank you!!!!

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Excellent site, fast shipment and very effective after-sales service. Such seriousness and such attention of the customer, I strongly advise my entourage to order his parts here in case of need. Thank you.

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In case of defective parts, mobile part answers all your questions and returns you a new piece very quickly without worries. Super site merci piece mobile !!! ;)

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Super fast delivery! Perfect! No complaints

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Great customer service, fast response and very prompt customer service that responds very promptly .... I recommend it to the world !!!!

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problem at departure but very competent customer service. Problem solved very quickly, thank you mobile part

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Received the day after the order. Fast and mails every step of the order. To recommend

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Great site, impeccable rooms and neat work, fantastic after-sales service. A site that I highly recommend and I would return with great pleasure and confidence.

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Thank you for replying so quickly to my question nice and good explanation for a novice like me

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Thanks to the team of the site. Fast shipment, good quality customer service and mostly parts I was looking for a long time available. Serious website I recommend.

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A big thank-youA mobile part, serious and reliable company, fast, happy to have ordered a serious site ;-)

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Part for x10i product of very good quality fast delivery and neat

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Quality and well packaged parts

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Very neat delivery fast delivery super service

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super fast very well protect only damage not provided tool for disassembly

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Object received, very fast delivery. Samsung touch glass good quality. I recommend going there ordered to coin-mobile !!! Thank you ;)

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Received my order on Tuesday having ordered Sunday very very serious follow-up copy

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Fast delivery product corresponded to my expectations nothing to say

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Thanks, really delivery was the fastest

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I have just received my package. Frankly nothing to say service to the top, quick answers, it's serious. I will recommend. good continuation.

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Ordered in the afternoon, received the next morning, and very good after-sales service!

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Super fast shipping

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Simple, Fast, Effective. This is serious

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Just a shame because I did find 100% of the parts I needed. That said,/ Div>

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