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Based on 8 reviews

  • Stephane M.
    Published 27/12/2018 à 11:21

    Conforme et bien emballé. Livraison ultra rapide et prix vraiment bas. Super ;)

  • Arnaud G.
    Published 15/05/2018 à 21:24

    Très bon produit de bonne qualité à un prix raisonnable

  • Rodolphe G.
    Published 03/01/2018 à 18:49

    Excellent produit, conforme à mes attentes.

  • Pierre A.
    Published 26/10/2017 à 12:12

    Très bien !

  • Jean-Marc S.
    Published 10/09/2015 à 15:33


  • Philippe H.
    Published 10/09/2015 à 13:04

    SAV excellent

  • Frederic F.
    Published 08/09/2015 à 16:14

    Matériel conforme a l'original

  • Kevin L.
    Published 08/09/2015 à 09:53

    piéce de trés bonne qualité, correspond parfaitement

Data sheet

Pre-gluing of the glass: No: Not systematic: It is necessary either to recover the old one, or to buy adhesive "quarter rolls 2mm"
For what type of breakdown? Typical Touch Problems: Touch sensitivity fault, the keypad does not respond but the picture works well, can not enter the PIN code, screen that remains frozen on the logo when starting.

More info

Change the glass of a Nokia Lumia 625 < /.H2 >

The your Nokia Lumia 625 glass is cracked.facilities > or broken? The < strNGO >touch screen of your Nokia Lumia 625 works more? This high quality replacement part is the solution for your problem. < strNGO >Change the touchscreen glass to his Nokia Lumia 625 est une opération à la fois courante et risquée, c'est pourquoi nos techniciens expérimentés vous proposent ce guide de réparation afin de vous expliquer How replace yourself touch your Nokia Lumia 625 window .
Opt for our touchscreen glass and we guarantee you that your Nokia Lumia 625 will work perfectly again. Our shop offers also a < stRong >sets of tools for Nokia Lumia 625 < /.strong >to serve you disassembly.

Drop the internal frame of the Lumia 625 < /.H3 >

  • Switch off your Nokia Lumia 625 before you proceed with the replacement of its glass touch. < /span >
  • Remove the back cover of your Nokia Lumia 625 using your plastic spatula.
  • < span style = "c"color: #000000;" > Use your torx t5 screwdriver to unscrew the 8 screws that hold the internal chassis of your Lumia 625 .
  • Reuse plastic spatula to detach the internal frame of the LCD block. To do this, drag your spatula between the 2 compartments and pry gently to separate them.
  • This is! You can now file the < stRong >internal chassis of your Nokia Lumia 625 .

Remove the motherboard from the 625 Lumia < /.H3 >

  • Disconnect the connector from the your Lumia 625 battery using your spatula in plastic.
  • Still using the spatula, gently pry in order to extract it from its location.
  • The battery of your Nokia Lumia 625 is finally ready to be filed.
  • Disconnect the water of the touchscreen glass and the LCD of the motherboard. < /span >
  • Disconnect the water of the buttons power + buttons side. < /span >
  • Unplug the coaxial cable of the Wi - Fi antenna using your precision pliers.
  • UsedEZ your screwdriver torx T5 to remove the 2 screws that hold the motherboard.
  • Carefully lift the motherboard of your Nokia Lumia 625 using your plastic spatula. Get the speakerphone conversation (ear) from its housing. < SPyear >

Drop the connector of USB support module

  • Disconnect the coaxial cable of the load. USB connector module < /.span >
  • Disconnect power + buttons buttons cloth side of the module connector of USB support < /.span >
  • Lift it up module load the Lumia 625 USB connector using your spatula.

Remove the glass from the Nokia Lumia 625

  • Insert a spatula plastic between the glass and the block your Lumia 625 LCD and pry to dissociate them.
  • The touchscreen glass and the LCD block totally substrates. Be careful not to damage the slick to the touch and don't forget to clean the chassis from the rest of the glue with your precision pliers.
  • Also clean the < stRong >LCD screen of your Nokia Lumia625 traces of fingers.

Replace the glass of the Nokia Lumia 625

  • Put adhesive tape double-sided on the contour of your new window in order to stick it to the frame. < /span >
  • Introduce the slick to the touch in the hole and place your new glass on the block your Lumia 625 LCD.
  • Once the glass and the LCD block are stuck, you can start the reassembly of your Nokia Lumia 625. To do this, you have to watch our tutorial in the opposite order.


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