White screen touch glass and LCD assembled to Wiko Darkfull



Touch glass screen and LCD assembled white Wiko Darkfull.

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Pre-gluing of the glass: No: Not systematic: It is necessary either to recover the old one, or to buy adhesive "quarter rolls 2mm"
For what type of breakdown? Typical LCD or touch-sensitive problems: Display fault, black screen, image with faults. Touch problem, touch that does not respond or wrong. Screen that stays fixed on the logo at startup. Impossible to type or type anything.

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White screen touch glass and LCD assembled in spare parts to repair my Wiko Darkfull.

Completely compatible with your Darkfull, it is literally the top to change all touch glass screen and white assembled LCD to Wiko Darkfull original. This accessory has the same intrinsic specifications that was existing when it was purchased on your mobile. This product is satisfied or refunded 1 month. All of our stocks of reference: tactile glass screen and white assembled LCD to Wiko Darkfull are checked visually before preparation. All the choice of the products we sell are located in stock in France, and in the contrary case, it would be impossible to put them in the basket. The Interior of our product sheets you will find an extra-lien that points to a repair of the Wiko Darkfull tutorial. With our shop, you can enjoy the widest available. If ever you would face has a few uncertainties during the laying of the touchscreen glass and white-to Wiko Darkfull assembled LCD screen room, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department to ask for directions. Do not put in the drawer this valuable device because of a glitch that you can fix with our guides and videos. Be sure to not fail in the rehabilitation of our product (screen touch glass) and assembled LCD white to Wiko Darkfull for Darkfull by your own means, our editors recommend to watch our tutorial that revolves around the replacement of this product. Do not post the payment without properly adding some supplies to help you during the repair.

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