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All your spare parts for mobile phone

Mobile phone screens: Wiko screen, Samsung screen Samsung glass, touchscreen.

Piece-mobile book in 24-48h for free *. Looking for a Samsung touchscreen, a HTC touch screen or an LG speaker? Let us help you: you will find the necessary guides to repair and the links to the necessary tools in the detail of the product sheet.

We do everything to make your mobile repair easier when it is broken. Repairing a mobile phone is not necessarily obvious, we try to help you find the tools, parts, and we provide you with as much help as possible.
Disassembling a mobile phone is not always difficult, rarely more difficult than disassembling a computer. There are however a few things to know for mobile repair ... For example, we advise you to take your time well, and to work in an environment where dust and moisture are not present. The best is to have the hands perfectly clean and the ideal is to have gloves in microfibre, so as not to risk further damaging your mobile broken. Place yourself in a bright place and be patient and thorough. It is sometimes necessary to have a hair dryer or other means of heating to peel off the touch screen glass from the LCD screen.
To help you we have selected you a few sites.
The first are the sites proposed by manufacturers and telecom groups to diagnose a breakdown:
Go to the Help section of the manufacturer's website or your mobile network provider.
In most cases there is a touch screen placed on an LCD screen or Amoled, sometimes they are assembled and you can not change one without the other (Samsung Galaxy S3, Wave 3), sometimes it is possible to take off (with a hair dryer) and stick together, for this you will need double sided tape: we have special mobile in the tools menu, tooling and supply.

When the picture or the display of your phone works but it has cracks, it is the touchscreen, when it no longer lights it is probably the display (LCD or Amoled placed behind the glass or touch screen). For the loudspeakers, attention, there are always two, one that restores the sound in the ear (during the communication) and one for the ringtones.

You will then find the spare parts of the most common mobiles on our site. If you are not present, please be assured that we will do our best to flesh out the catalog as quickly as possible, so do not hesitate to ask us for your reference and / or to visit our website regularly.
For example, we have expanded the range of Apple phone with novelties such as the Iphone 6 or the Iphone 6+. Following numerous requests, we have managed to have a wide choice of spare parts for Iphone 6 or Iphone 6+. The LCD screens and touchscreen assembled Iphone 6, the vibrator Apple Iphone 6+, the batteries for Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 + ... It is important for us to have the maximum number of parts to meet all your requests.
Also, if you encounter a problem with your WIKO phone, we now have many models. If you have a problem displaying on your WIKO Darkside LCD, or if a speaker of your WIKO Rainbow no longer works, then you can consult our catalog. We also have many dismantling tutorials that are available for free. The various steps of repairing your WIKO phone are explained simply and illustrated with photos and concrete explanations.

For each reference, you will find one or more links helping you to disassemble (usually at least a video and a tutorial) in the detail of the product sheet.
If you find or know of additional links that seem more relevant to you, do not hesitate to contact us to make them appear.

You will then have to bring with you the necessary tools: a picker (or a credit card but ...), a lever to disconnect the sheets (or loudspeaker, button, antennas, connectors, chassis, shell) without tearing them it can also be a clamp), a suction cup is also sometimes necessary to undo the touch window or the LCD screen of the chassis. Finally, a Torx screwdriver of variable size is almost always necessary (except 99% Samsung), you will find all sizes in the shop, as well as a pack of different sizes that covers all phones (not all tablets or consoles) . You will also probably need a Phillips (Phillips) screwdriver (PH00) for some parts. We advise you to take a disassembling set (either standard or iPhone 3G 3GS), which includes a phillips as well as all the necessary tools, plus a torx screwdriver pack (T2-T6), you will be assured to have all the tools you will need to disassemble and reassemble in security of your phone. After having studied the tutorial, make sure that your telephone reference (on the box) corresponds to that of the piece, in case of doubt contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible. Some phones have one or more variants, such as the Wildfire (touchscreen) or the HD2 (LCD), whose connections are different according to the submodels of the camera. You are ready to do your own repair! Once your repair is complete, do not hesitate to suggest your tips or comments on the product sheet, your participation is important for the following.We advise you for our share of good protect your new device with an over-hull and a protective film.We wish you good courage and thank you for your possible order. * Next type of transport chosen and the country of delivery.