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Spare parts to fix my Apple iPad Pro 9.7 ".

To achieve the pose of the proposed product (glass touchscreen) and blue assembled LCD for iPad Pro on your own, our team encourage you to read our guide that is written to the change of this piece. Don't go without properly adding a few tools so you do not run out during this repair. Guaranteed compatible with any Apple iPad 9.7 Pro ", the proposed product is really perfect to renovate all the glass touch screen and LCD assembled defective blue. Finally enjoy your iPad Pro with the help of Piece-mobile: navigation, calls selfies... The product offered here is offered with, like all others, a full two year warranty. All of our products are physically located in our premises, and if not, the order will be inaccessible. On our product pages you can find a meta-lien which will take you to a tutorial of disassembly on the Apple iPad Pro.

Most cases, un in breaking stock will return in near stock with a delay of 10 to 15 days, otherwise a sentence will be added in one of the texts of the form of the product. With room - Mobile.com, you will find the offer the widest on the market. In the case where you are facing questions during the procedure, feel free to write to our depot for a helping hand.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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