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Sony Ericsson ---- The Sony brand was for many years known to specialize in the creation of visual audio devices, the technology developed by the manufacturer was seen mainly in its cameras and camcorders but not only, in fact other electronics of all types wore the LOGO of the brand, at one point Sony embarked on the creation of mobile phones and it was merged with the manufacturer mobile telephony and Sony's experience and know-how, the alliance has managed to create good quality mobiles, however this alliance has broken and Sony has decided to relaunch itself in the development of smartphones but this time with its own production and mobiles bearing only its LOGO, the Xperia range that previously carried the Sony-Ericsson logo has not been stopped but now it bears only the Sony logo, the mobiles of this range are very efficient and occupy a Important position in the global market and in relation to the competition, among these mobiles we can name the Sony Xperia Z, The Sony Xperia U and a multitude of other mobiles that represent references in the market. ****

In this category are listed the coins detacrelated to the various mobiles of the Sony brand before and after the break-up of the alliance with the Ericsson brand, among the parts proposedFind Sony LCD screens Sony touch windows, Sony conversation speakers, Sony ringtone speakers, Sony batteries, Sony shells, Sony cameras Sony jack headphone connectors, Sony power cablestrong.

Repair tutorials are also available for people who want to be able to repair their mobiles on their own as well as spare parts available on command on the strong>

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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