Spare parts for Samsung galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung Galaxy Yis a small compact smartphone part of the mobile entry level, as its status indicates this smartphone does not have features at the height of the best smartphones on the market, indeed this mobile pleases especially and above all for its lower price at the average when we look at these features that are: A touch screen of only 3 inches with a very average quality and with a highlight that is not always appreciated, the graphics are relatively low, the sensor is 2 megapixels with video recorder , not allowing to take pictures of good quality but the quality as we used Samsung is acceptable, the internal memory is only 180MB but a micro SD card of 2 GB is provided with the mobile, finally the Galaxy Y has full connectivity since it is 3G + compatible and includes Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

In this category are preSpare parts of the Samsung Galaxy Y at the example of the screensSamsung Galaxy Y LCD,Samsung Galaxy Y touch windows,Samsung Galaxy Y Conversation Speakers,Samsung Galaxy Y batteries,Samsung Galaxy Y power cables ,Samsung Galaxy Y pickups,Samsung Galaxy Y SIM card readersand all the other partsrelating to this smartphone./ P>

The parts first affected by the incidents are undoubtedly the external parts like the Samsung Galaxy Y LCD screen , theSamsung Galaxy Y touch screen, theSamsung Galaxy Y shelland theSamsung Galaxy Y photo sensorthese parts are the first to be affected by shocks in the event of violent falls or contact with external objects.

People looking to repair their Samsung Galaxy Y will find at mobile-pieceall they need to troubleshoot their smartphones, plus repair guides are available to help them make repairs on their own.