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Spare parts to repair my Wiko View.

"P"This product has, like all our products, a warranty extended to 2 years. Don't hesitate to ask us about an accessory we forgot to inventory in the Wiko View category. This procedure will be four times less expensive than if you wanted to hire a professional, and with the pleasure of seeing your phone as new. Don't finalize your order until you add tools to better understand the repair of your Wiko. Guaranteed 100% compatible with any Wiko View, this product is literally perfect for renovating your functional white rear cover. Let yourself be tempted by: White-coloured rear cover at a discounted price, plus maximum quality, designed by Wiko, to refurbish all view.

This product has the same features as the one that was willing to buy on your device.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

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