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L ' i mini padis a thinner and lighter version of the classic pad i, indeed the mini version of the i pad is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the so-called classic version of the pad, the screen too is now smaller compared to that of the i pad 3 since that of the mini is 7.9 inches against 9.7 of the classic pad 3, that said it is not a screen Retina but allows users however to hold it with one hand. Not to mention the chip installed on the mini pad i which is none other than the A5 and therefore the mini pad i is limited in comparison with the pad 3.

Apple Ipad mini 

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Showing 1 - 30 of 45 items

Within this category,Any owner of a mini pad i will find all the spare parts he will need for the replacement or repair of the old parts of his mini pad i, among the parts offered, there are LCD screensi mini pad,touch screen i mini pad,home buttons i mini pad,hulls i pad mini,speaker blocks i mini pad,mini pad i pickupsand various other spare parts./ P>

Since this is a relatively fragile device, the i pad mini may be subject to risks of various failures that can affect several parts such as the Schoolsran LCD i mini padand thetouch screen i pad mini, these failures areusually breaks that are the result of falls or violent shocks that happen accidentally. Other failures can touch the tablet i pad mini and involve parts like the camera i mini pad , thei mini pad speaker, themicro i pad minior againmotherboard i pad mini where thei pad mini processorbut also other electronic components that can easily not work if, for example, they come into contact with a liquid such as water.

For people looking to repair their mini pad i, www.piece-mobile.comprovides all the necessary parts for repairs, and tutorials are offered to anyone who wants to learn how to repair his i mini pad alone.