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Spare parts for Apple ipad mini ---- The 'stro'ngi mini pad is a thinner and lighter version of the classic i pad, indeed the mini version of the i pad is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the so-called classic version of the pad, the screen is also now smaller compared to that of the i pad 3 since, that of the mini is 7.9 inches against 9.7 of the classic pad 3, that said it is not a retina screen but nevertheless allows users to hold it with one hand. Not to mention the chip installed on the i pad mini that is none other than the A5 and therefore the i pad mini is limited in comparison with the pad 3. ****

Within this category, any owner of an i pad mini will find all the spare parts he will need for the replacement or repair of the old parts of his i pad mini, among the parts proposed, there are LCD screens i mini pad, touch windows i pad mini, home buttons i pad mini, i pad mini shells, blocks loudspeakers i pad mini, mini i pad pickups and various other spare parts.

Since it is a relatively fragile device, the i pad mini can be subject to various risks of breakdowns that can affect several parts such as the ran LCD i pad mini and the touch screen i pad mini, these outages arebreaks that are the result of falls or violent shocks that happen accidentally. Other failures may affect the tablet i pad mini and concern parts like the 'stron'(go)camera i pad mini speaker i pad miniThe micro i pad mini or even the motherboard i pad mini mini i pad processor but also other electronic components that can easily no longer work if, for example, they come into contact with a liquid such as water.

<(p)For people looking to repair their i pad mini, makes available to them all the necessary parts for repairs, in addition tutorials are offered to anyone who wants to learn how to repair his mini i pad alone.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 26 items

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