Frequently Asked Questions and Help

No answer to your emails? Well add us to the list of approved senders, then rewrite your request by sending it directly from your mailbox. Several people are full-time dedicated to responding to customer emails.

Which parts to order?/ Strong>

You can read thehome page, this page :

With the menu, go to the brand and model code of your product and then to the product you need.

When would I receive my order?/ Strong>

All orders are shipped the same day if you order before 3pm, if not on the next working day after the order, for example if it is Tuesday then the order will start on Wednesday, if it is Saturday then the departure will be Monday.

The delivery time depends on the chosen carrier:

  • Standard: between 24 and 8 days, theAverage being 48 hours./ Li>
  • Colissimo: Between 24 and 48h, the average being 36h.
  • Chrono: 24h

The minimum and maximum delay is indicated when choosing transport in the order process.

Can I have tracking / tracking my order?

The follow-ups are sent automatically by mail the night following their shipment, so the follow-up requested by mail are not always available to us before you receive them too.

If you do not receive your follow-up as should be, log in to your account and verify that the email address you entered is correct.

Is my order late?

You can notify us of any order not received on the 4th working day following the order, we will request a survey from the postal services.

Are the products you sell in stock?

A product ordered is in stock, the stock is with us, unlike most other sites,We sell only what we have physically at home.

Sometimes when we leave your order, we realize during the visual check that there is a problem with your product. We will notify you on the same day of the delay and you decide whether or not to keep your order.

Are the products you sell original?

100% of our products are originals and come from the same manufacturers as the certified service companies (which in fact order a large part of their parts with us).

If these are so-called compatible products, reference is made to the statement WITHOUT LOGO if it is the case or then clearly indicated compatible. As far as possible we try to avoid these products unless really the quality is consistent with that of the original.

The product received does not conform to my order or I have mistaken product.

If the product received is not the right color, turn it over, there is often a black side and a color side.

Whatever the problem, please contact us by mail via, With your order number, the mail used when ordering, and if possible a picture of what you have received. We will contact you promptly and exchange or return.

The product does not seem to work.

We advise you to retry the old part and compare the reaction of your device, if the defect persists please contact us in the same way as above. First and foremost, if you have strongly folded or cut a tablecloth, no return or exchange will be accepted, please check the integrity of the product before any claim.

ext-align: justify; ">The product looks used / scratched .

From the moment the product is manufactured, it can be controlled by the wholesaler, by customs, and ourselves, which leads to having regular blisters open. If it seems to you that an LCD is scratched, it is the protective film, there aree = "text-decoration: underline;">alwaysOne (sometimes it can beVery discreet ). For touch panels there arealways2, One side of the phone, oneBefore contacting us for possible scratches or scratches on the screen, please make sure that you have removed all protective films, on both sides if necessary.

How do you know if you are not a fraudulent shop?

Legal information is mandatory on all websites in France and is the following:

They are verifiable at the Registry of the Commercial Court (RCS Vienna)

We would like to point out that unlike the majority of the competition we are not a subsidiary or a provider of a Hong Kong company and we pay our taxes, including our VAT, in France.

We have put in place a testimonial system that meets the new AFNOR standard,ef = "">Account Trustpilot, An external provider that certifies testimony.

I can not add the product to my cart.

Contact us, we will quickly unlock your product.

Product is not available

You can create an e-mail alert in the product sheet to be notified when the product is back in stock.

You can contact us with the link »ask a question about this product» to ask us for a specific time (on average it is a week, which can go from 1 day to 15 days maxi).

The product or my phone is not listed on your site.

Contact us by email with the phone number, name and brand. Without these three references it is difficult to find.

Then we will inform you if it is possible to have the part and the delay. If you agree with the deadline we will communicate the price to + 10%, if you agree we will register your order and notify you of the arrival of your order. On average the process takes two to three weeks.

ext-align: justify; ">No answers to my emails

If you have sent your message via the form, you may have used a word filtered by SPAM orOr you have made a typing error in your email address. To be sure we get your messages there more on using your personal email and send your email to

1- Check your junk mail box !!!

2- Check that the email address provided is the correct one !!!

It is impossible That you did not receive a reply within 48h, 99% of the time we answer within 2h between 8h and 20h. Replying to emails is our priority and it is not possible that we have not responded quickly.

3- If you still do not have a reply after 24 hours, send your request back from your mail and add to your approved senders.

I have problems paying with my card

1 - Try to choose the payment method CB instead of Visa or Mastercard.

2 - You can go through the Ebay shop to pay via Paypal (copy paste the product name in the Ebay search, filter by Country France), however because Commissions and fees Ebay and Paypal, prices may be higher.

The Caisse d'Epargne has validated my payment but I did not receive an email confirmation of order

You need the transaction number on your mail and contact us.

I would like to return the products

Contact us beforehand to know the terms of return of the products. In any case it is imperative to attach a word / invoice / explanation to your mail, otherwise your simple name or first name will not help us to know who and why the return is made (let alone when it is handwritten at Mail), it will be directed towards recycling.


Refunds are made via the means used to pay, in the case of a return in the 14 days.. If you paid with a CB, the Bank will recredit you. After 14 days, you will recevied an credit note, with an 1 year validity.

Delivery Date

Order before 14 h

for delivery between 18/04 and the 21/04/24

Approximate date using Suivi GRATUIT moreInfo