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Spare parts for Apple Iphone 3 G - the < stroNG >iPhone 3G is the first in a series of smartphones developed by the giant Apple, this mobile phone is one of the best on the international market and one of the most beloved and best-selling, products characterized by an excellent graphics rendering and design elegant it has attracted a lot of people of all ages.

In this categOrie you will find all the spare parts related to the iPhone 3G, such as for example of the screens IPhone 3G LCD, the Windows touch iPhone 3G, the buttons power iPhone 3G, the batteries internal iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3G replacement back covers.facilities >, the support iPhone 3G drawers, the network iPhone 3G antenna modules, the modules Wi - Fi iPhone 3G.

The breakdowns on the iPhone are frequent and varied and can happen to anyone and at any time or place, the most frequent failures include breaks from screens they are breaks in the window iPhone touchscreen 3 only, or the break of all integer touch glass and < strong >iPhone LCD screen 3, in general these failures are caused by impact with hard or sharp objects but also other incidents as dropping his laptop on the street or somewhere high enough.

< p>The pannare accidental are also the cause of contact with liquids, the image of people who accidentally drop their smartphones in the sink or the bathtub, this kind of incident can be fatal for the smartphone and can touch the internal components of electronic nature as for example the caten mother iPhone 3G,. the CPU iPhone 3G and even a few times the card mother iPhone 3G in full.

For people who want to fix their IPhone 3 G < strong >room-mobile allows them to find all the spare parts for iPhone 3G , then they will have the choice to entrust their smartphones to a specialized repair or repair themselves using various video tutorials offered interested.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 29 items

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