Return modalities

The CUSTOMER must, without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the package, return the goods to the address provided by the SELLER. The CUSTOMER executing a return on his own initiative and not having previously requested the return address from the SELLER, will be his own responsible for the delivery of the return and for example the related customs declarations. In the event of a parcel returned to the CUSTOMER by post for an address problem or a refused parcel, the CUSTOMER will be solely responsible for the second shipment and the costs of the second shipment. Return transport is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER who must choose the appropriate means of transport, and the appropriate transport insurance, and must pack the product sufficiently so that the CUSTOMER is reimbursed in the event of loss or damage by the carrier. In any case the responsibility of the SELLER can not be invoked in the event of a problem during this transport. This period is deemed to have been met if the CUSTOMER returns the goods before the expiration of the fourteen day period, postmark being taken as proof. The products must be returned in their original condition and without traces, with the exception of the packaging which may be carried out by the CUSTOMER at his convenience, having the sole obligation to sufficiently protect the products. Products that have been used (installed or whose films have been removed and then returned) are refused.

Return fees

The CUSTOMER must bear the direct costs of returning the goods, and the SELLER makes a return slip at cost price available on request from the CUSTOMER.

Delivery Date

Order before 14 h

for delivery between 30/05 and the 02/06/24

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