Secure payment

Our secure payment offer:

With SSL (cryptography and connection symbolized by the protocol Https) on the site of the bank  Strong>

Use of Visa / Mastercard / CB: Payment by credit card via service3D secure on the site directly from the bank (no data is transited by us, everything is on the Bank's website)

What is 3D secure?

- During the transaction, your bank certifies your payment by means of an SMS or personal questions, which are asked to you.
- No fraudulent use of your credit card will be possible on our site.
- Fraudsters will not be able to place an order with us.
- Thanks to this service, the rates of fraud on the Carte Bleue is close to 0. Do not hesitate to ask the other merchants.

Why is it more secure than PayPal for example?

Just because your PayPal account is linked to your email address. Anyone who owns your email access, potentially has access to your PayPal account. Because of this, any virus that captures your e-mail password, gives access to your PayPal account, to hackers. If your antivirus is not up to date, if your browser is not up to date, or if your operating system is not up to date (any of these 3 criteria) you are very vulnerable to viruses and trojants.

Eng-left: 30px; ">Due to a too large number of victims of these pirates, we decided to withdraw the means of payment, via PayPal, for individuals.

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