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Apple ---- Apple is nowadays the world's second largest mobile manufacturer just after the undisputed Samsung leader, indeed the apple brand has for years been producing class-leading products with a unique design that combines performance high and features worthy of the upscale and luxurious products. The flagship product of the Apple brand is probably the famous iPhone that is now in its fifth copy, this mobile so loved by millions of users around the world is considered to be among the most powerful smartphones on the market. global market, the iPhone is known for its power and for its unique style that makes it an unequaled mobile, but the iPhone brand was not limited to smartphones, indeed several other products are marketed by Apple as computers, MP3 player tablets and other items as well. ****

This category cthe various Apple brand spare parts, parts of several models are listed in this category, there are screensApple LCD,Apple touch windows,Apple Conversation Speakers,Apple ringtone speakers,Apple hulls,Apple SIM card readersand many other essential parts in case of breakdowns, these parts are needed to repair a mobile having lost one or more pieces in incidents such as falls that create violent shocks causing damage to unprotected parts, these parts are usually external parts such as the hullApple, the Apple LCD screen , theApple photo sensorand theApple touch screen.

People who want to repair their smartphones Apple can get the parts that interest them, placing orders online directly on the, repair tutorials and accessories are also available on the site allowing people who want to repair their own mobile.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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