We offer some common tips that can help you repair:

For your repair you will need 3 things:

The know-how, Which we offer most often in the detailed description. You will find videos, tutorials that we try to provide to you in French, sometimes forum discussions that bring information that can enlighten you, and finally repair manuals that we found on other sites. In any case we are not responsible for errors or bad information about these aids, our approach is to help you to the maximum, not to make the repair for you.

You will also needdetached pieces : We offer new parts, packed, shipped quickly. The items you put in your shopping cart are in stock in France, so they are shipped the next business day after your order, otherwise you can create an email alert in the product card, and as soon as the product comes in stock you will immediately receive an email To warn you. Products that are not in stock are replenished about every 10 days. If the product does not exist, you can ask us (text-decoration: underline; ">By Mail please), We holeAlmost every piece, with a longer or shorter length of time, on average 2 to 3 weeks. Below is a little help to determine which part (s) you might need.

You 'tools, Often a Phillips screwdriver (or Philips), a torx: they must be made of steel not too hard not to damage the screw head, it is better to destroy the screwdriver which costs 100 times cheaper. The screwdrivers we offer are all of a less hard steel than the screws of mobile devices. There are also special cases; Some LCDs are glued to the touchscreen, others are called (there is a calle to put between the screen and the glass because there is a game): for these particular cases we offer single or double sided adhesives, and Even mixed ones. In this particular case attention! You will have to peel the glass from the LCD by heating it with a hair dryer or with a hair straightener. We also advise you to have an opening set, not necessarily necessary, but it simplifies the task very much and will avoid the breakage by forcing too much to remove the parts or the connectors.

What room do I need?/ Strong>

The The above tips are just an aid to guide you, not a guarantee that changing the part will solve the problem.

Phone no longer starts:

Charging connector
Phone oxidized or permanently HS
Poor battery retention against connectors
Battery Connectors

More image (and only more picture)

LCD screen or Amoled (it is sometimes soldered to the touchscreen, so it will sometimes be necessary to change both, if we do not offer the separate screen, it is not possible under non-industrial conditions).

No more tactile function (and only more tactile)

Touch screen(Also called touchscreen, it's the same thing) sometimes soldered to the LCD screen.

More tactile functionandImage

In the event of a sudden drop, both can be damaged simultaneously, change the two parts. Make sure the phone starts up properly (vibration, sound, notification diode).

The phone no longer charges

Battery, charger, charging connector

More ringtone sound


No more in conversation (at the level of your ear, phone against your cheek)

Conversation speaker

More sound in my headphones

Audio Output Jack

No more network or network with low performance

Coaxial antenna cable cut or disconnected

Back cover badly fixed, phone my screwed (the atennes are often done by contact of support)


SIM card

SIM card reader


There are several types of buttons,

If the buttons are part of the touchscreen, it is the window

If the button is a plastic button in its own right, this is the most commonly used button pad, sometimesUton in itself (this is more rare is often when the plastic button is broken). Indeed a button is made of a plastic part that presses on an electrical contactor.


Main camera if this is the default camera

Front camera (video)

Color of parts:

The room colors have no influence on their functionality, any part of the same model is interchangeable with a piece of another color. If your phone is white, you can put a black glass, and vice versa, it is also valid for buttons ect shells ... So you can sometimes save money by choosing the cheapest.

Frame :

A piece with chassis is faster and easier to change, but is not an obligation. When both versions are availableS offer both.

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