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The iPhone 5 c is a signed high-end Smartphone the firm at the Apple "Apple." This Smartphone, which is pleasant to the touch, is manufactured with a steel frame and available in five colours (white, yellow, blue, pink and green) flashy.

IPhone 5 c running the iOS operating system 7 and has a processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and integrated A6 a chip PowerVR SGX 543MP3 tricoeur chart. It also has a Retina display of 4 inches offering a resolution of 326 DPI and a camera 8 MP Digital iSight.

All the iPhone 5 c spare parts are listed in this category. We therefore find the < strong >Windows touch for iPhone 5 c, the LCD screens for iPhone 5 c , the rear shell for iPhone 5 c , the charge dock for iPhone 5 c connectors, the front camera for iPhone 5 c , the speakers for iPhone 5 c... < /.p >

The screen is the most delicate part of an iPhone and is often exposed to shocks or to water. This is how an iPhone owners often find themselves with broken or cracked screens that need to be replaced.

Guiderepair s very well explained is available on the site to allow you to remove and ReRSP alone your iPhone 5 c. Now, you won't need to go to a professional repairman or after-sales service Apple to simply replace the touchscreen glass or the LCD screen of your iPhone 5 c. < /p >

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Showing 1 - 18 of 44 items

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