Spare parts to repair my SFR

Since 2010, the French Society of Radiotelephone (SFR) has been controlling smartphones under its own brand. All of them with an elegant design, SFR Smartphones run under the Android operating system and without overlay operator. Enjoy now the best of SFR applications and services such as SFR TV, SFR Answering Machine +, SFR My Account ...


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  • SFR Starxtrem

    Spare parts to repair my SFR Starxtrem < br />----
    Starxtrem is the first low-cost compatible with 4G networks Smartphone. Installed under the operating system Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), the Starxtrem is equipped with a processor dual-core clocked at 1.2 GHz speed supported by a RAM of 512 MB. Regarding the display, this terminal has a 4.5 inch touchscreen that offers a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Multimedia, the Starxtrem has a camera 8 megapixel with Autofocus and Flash capable of 720 p video.


    < span stYLE = "color: #000000;">Smartphones have become essential to daily life gadgets everyone. In recent years, large firms are beginning to use more noble and more fragile materials which make it susceptible to scratches Smartphones. The owners of a < strong>Smartphone Starxtrem can get the spare that they wish to replace directly on room - In this category you will find a wide choice of < strNGO >spare parts for Starxtrem : touch glass for Starxtrem , LCD to Starxtrem battery for Starxtrem, speaker for Starxtrem microphone for Starxtrem, back cover for Starxtrem < /.strong > power supply for Starxtrem cable ... Experienced technicians also offer repair very detailed guides that will explain, step by step, how reparer your Starxtrem

  • SFR Startrail 4

    Spare parts to repair my SFR Startrail 4 < br />----

    The STARTRAIL 4 is a Smartphone released by SFR and works under the operating system Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2). This Smartphone is able to compete with its signed equivalent SAMSUNG, HTC, Nokia, LG and Sony. It is equipped with a processor dual-core MTK MT6572 clocked at 1.3 GHz speed supported by 1 GB of RAM. The SFR STARTRAIL 4has an IPS display of 4.5 inches with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels or a pixel density of 218ppp. Side multimedia, this Smartphone takes a camera of 5 Megapixels with autofocus and LED flash able to shoot 720. < br / >****

    Our online store room-mobile offers the sale of spare parts for any type of Smartphone. You can find for example in this category all the < strNGO >spare parts for the Smartphones SFR STARTRAIL 4  : touch glass for SFR STARTRAIL 4, LCD for SFR STARTRAIL 4 , battery for SFR STARTRAIL 4, back cover for SFR STARTRAIL 4, SFR STARTRAIL 4 speaker, card SIM for SFR STARTRAIL 4 reader, supply to SFR STARTRAIL 4 cable ... We also repair guides which explain how < stroNG >give a second life to your SFR STARTRAIL4 . Everything you need for the opening of your Smartphone SFR is available in the 'tools' category  


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In this category are listed all the spare parts for SFR Smartphones including SFR STARADDICT 3 and SFR STARTRAIL 4. If the screen of your smartphone SFR is broken or cracked, it is now easy to find a replacement screen adapted to your smartphone and then replace it yourself. Order your spare part directly on the site and follow our repair guides to refurbish your Smartphone. All tools adapted to repair are also available on our online store.