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Spare parts to repair my Wiko Ufeel lite.


The Wiko Ufeel Lite is a mid-range mobile device that was presented at mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. This smartphone is powered by a MediaTek MT6735 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage capacity (extendable up to 64GB more via sDHC micro card). The Wiko Ufeel Lite is equipped with a 5-inch LCD IPS display with an HD definition of 1280 x 720 pixels, a resolution of 294 pixels per inch. The photo part is provided by an 8-mega pixel rear sensor with LED flash - Autofocus and a 5-megapixel front camera.

Itst now easy to self-repair your Wiko phone with the services offered by www.piece-mobile.com.All Wiko Ufeel lite parts are available in this category of the site. You'll find black-assembled touchscreen and LCD windows for Wiko Ufeel lite, touchscreen and lCD glass assembled white for Wiko Ufeel lite, Adhesive Camera cover lens for Wiko Ufeel lite, flexible with black menu button for Wiko Ufeel lite, speaker ringtone for Wiko Ufeel lite, ear speaker conversation for WikoUfeel lite, camera cable lens for Wiko Ufeel lite, black rear cover for Wiko Ufeel lite, main slick Wiko Ufeel lite, USB connector charging dock for Wiko Ufeel lite, battery Wiko

UfeEl lite, WikoUfeel lite rear camera, Wiko Ufeel lite secondary camera, Wiko Ufeel lite Wi-Fi antenna... You are offered tutorials and repair guides by the piece-mobile technicians to accompany you when repairing your Wiko phone. 


Don't give up on dear Wiko Ufeel lite because of a little difficulty that you'll be able to fix easily. it is highly advisable to look a little at our complete guide, explaining all the steps to make it easier and not to mention the accessories. Look at Piece-Mobile's "best practices" who have written detailed tutorials to guide you through the task, so you can successfully repair the main rear camera at home. Renovate this phone, and avoid dragging it for months at the bottom of a drawer so you can finally enjoy it again. Renovate your Wiko Ufeel lite in collaboration with the help of Piece-mobile: web, calls, video games... The product offered here contains the same features that originally exist inside your smartphone. Your shipment will be mailed the day you paid for it if you finalize it if it is not 3pm gone. All the products on offer are physically with us, and if they are not, the order will be blocked.

Different colours of the roomss may be mandatory interverse. Don't be shy about inqueging youir of a tool that we would have forgotten to inventory in the category of Wiko Ufeel lite. As a general rule, a stock with 0 quantity will see its restocking within 1 to 2 weeks, and otherwise a sentence will be present at a location in the product sheet.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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