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The famous Sony Xperia T Lt30p, also known as Skyfall in homage to the new James Bond film bearing the same title, this mobile currently represents one of the iconic models of the brand Sony, presenting very interesting features this mobile is considered Representing a reference in the current mobile market, in fact it has a touchscreen of 4.55 inches, the best ever built by the brand Sony, this screen includes Bravia technology and is also HD quality since it has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, giving it a very high level graphic set, the camera of this mobile is very powerful and considered one of the most advanced photo sensors since it has a resolution of 13 Megapixels to capture HD quality videos 1080 and photos of high resolution and incredible sharpness. This terminal is equipped with a very powerful dual-core processor, it is the Qualcomm MSM8260-A Snapdragon clocked at 1.5 GHz and supported by a 1GB RAM providing the mobile with a very gRande fluidity and a very appreciable speed of execution, the internal storage memory amounts to 16GB and thanks to the micro SD location, the storage volume can be extended, this mobile also has very advanced connectivity given that it is an advanced and recent mobile it is compatible with 3G networks and offers the latest Wi-Fi.

span sty"color:#000000;">This category includes the various spare parts of the Sony Xperia T Lt30p, among themtrongSony Xperia T Lt30p touch windows, Sony Xperia T Lt30p conversation speakers, Sony Xperia T Lt30p LCD screens Sony Xperia T Lt30p batteries, Sony Xperia T Lt30p shells, Sony Xperia T Lt30p power cablestrong, Sony Xperia T Lt30p ringtone speakers...-br /****

People who want to repair their mobiles will be able to order the parts they need directly on, they will also have the opportunity to repair their mobiles on their own by using the tutorials offered to them.>

Sony Xperia T dismantling

A problem with your Sony Xperia T? Want to discover all the internal components of your Sony Xperia T? Youwant to disassemble your own Sony Xperia Estrong ? Nous mettons à votre disposition ce tutoriel vidéo afin de vous expliquer provides you with all the tools you'll need to dismantling your Xperia T Sony's special tool settrong.

Drop the battery of the Sony Xperia T

- Remove the rear shell of your Sony Xperia T 'b'r /- Use a cruciform screwdriver to unscrew the 4 screws that hold the plastic cover protecting the motherboard.pan
- Then unscrew the 2 cruciform screws that hold the .
- Lift the plastic cover that protects the motherboard and then remove thetrongSpeaker module of your Sony Xperia T
- Use your pliers to disconnect the tablecloth from the volume buttons as shown in the tutorial. Now use your plastic spatula to disconnect it from the chassis.
- Reuse the spatula to disconnect the connector from thetrongbattery of your Sony Xperia T
- Gently leverage the battery to free it from its housing. Use your plastic aperture tool for this.year

Drop the Sony Xperia T's motherboardh3 - Disconnect the motherboard. - Unplug the coaxial cable from the GSM antenna with your precision clamp.
- Now, gently leverage to drop thetrongmotherboard of your Sony Xperia T

Drop the full screen of the Sony Xperia T/h3> - Remove the headphone jack jack of your Sony Xperia T of its housing on the chassis. - Remove the coaxial cable from the GSM antenna with your precision clamp.
- Reuse the clamp to drop the moduletrongrear camera of the Sony Xperia Tstrong motherboard. - Remove the ear speaker from the
- Take off the That's it! Thetrong screen block of your Sony Xperia T


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