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Spare parts for ipad 1 ---- The 'stro'ngi Pad 1 represents the first tablet marketed by the Apple Apple apple brand, this entry/mid-range touch tablet is among the best products that can be found on the market even if it is a model that dates from 2010, this does not prevent the brand to continue to sell it today, given that despite the release of the i pad 2 and i pad 3 many people still continue to buy the i pad 1. ****

In this category all(i Pad 1) spare parts, are put up for sale for anyone who wants to buy them for one reason or another, among the parts available are: screens LCD i pad 1, touch windows i pad 1, i pad batteries 1, Wi-Fi antennas i pad 1, speakers i pad 1, i pad 1 chassis i pad shells 1, other pieces are also available, such asonghome buttons i pad 1, button tablecloths home i pad 1, and proximity sensor tablecloths i pad 1

The first i pad named i pad 1, is an entry/mid-range tablet that does not bring all the features found on the i pad 2 or the i pad 3 that does not prevent this tablet from representing a quality product, on the other hand being less thick and lessstudied that these successor the i pad 2 and the i pad 3, the i pad 1, is relatively more fragile than other tablets and is therefore more subject to the risk of breaks of theLCD i pad 1 or the touch window i pad 1 during falls or violent shocks, other parts may also be affected by breakdowns or as a result of small incidents or due to frequent use, among these parts we can name the bouton home i pad 1 which may no longer be reactive enough due to a failure on the slickronghome button i pad 1, or if you press it too often without delicacy and without paying attention at one time or another the button or tablecloth could get damaged. Any other part of the i pad 1 can be affected by breakdowns such as the becauseyou mother i pad 1 or even the i pad processor 1.

Anyone interested will be able to find the spare parts used for repairs to the i pad 1 on pieces-mobile, in addition to repair tutorials and explanatory videos are offered to allow anyone who wishes to learn how to repair tablet.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

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