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Nexus ---- After launching its famous Android operating system is used by all mobile manufacturers in the world on their smartphones, Google, has embarked on the production of smartphones bearing the name Nexus, although they are not very numerous Google mobiles are performing well enough and at the height of smartphones currently circulating in the world, especially since they operate under the Android bone that is considered to be the most efficient OS and the best performing OS. Among the models marketed by the brand we can mention for example the Nexus One, nexus S and Nexus 4 these mobiles are very interesting from the point of view of price quality and regarding their performance and characteristics. ****

In this category are rthe brand's various spare parts are marked, there are all the spare parts of this smartphone are offered in this category, there are camera camera modules for LG, Microphoninternal for LG, LG high volume buttons, LG home button nappes, and a host of othertrong LG spare partstrong such as LG ringtone speakers, LG conversation speakers, LG hulls, Of the LG LCD screens, LG touch windows, LG batteries.

Smartphonestend to break down frequently, this is due to their fragility, in fact the majority of mobiles are made up largely of materials that do not offer great resistance, such as plastic, due to this in case of incidents such as falls or violent shocks cause breaks on many parts, especially external parts like the LCD screen, the touch screen or even the


People qui want to help out their LG mobiles must carry the parts necessary for repairs, they can order these parts directly on the, tutorials are also offered as well as accessories to allow anyone who wants to, to be able to repair his mobile alone without the intervention of a repairman.

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