Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 A520F

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Spare parts to fix my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 A520F.

For better not fail in the troubleshooting of our room (connector of the battery for Galaxy A5 2017) at home, our team encourage you to watch our tutorial that is provided for the change of this product. Do not complete your order before choosing your screwdriver to help you with this repair. Guaranteed 100% functional with any Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, the proposed product is really the top to be able to change your connector to the battery broke. Buy from us: the battery connector for mini budget, and with a serious service and tuned, for Samsung, in order to solve the problems of your Galaxy A5 2017

Our marchandise has, exceptionally, an extended warranty of 720 days. Shipping will be shipped on the day of its completion if you complete if it is not 15: 00 gone. The colors of the accessories and parts can be systematically exchanged. It is very advisable watch our guides explaining the important steps to follow with our tools.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 47 items

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