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Spare parts for Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 N8000 - the < stRong >Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is a tablet that is part phone, part of the best tablets built by the Korean giant Galaxy 10.1 is equipped with a stylus named S - Pen, similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the characteristics of this tablet are very interesting, indeed it is equipped with a digital camera of 5 megapixels bringing good quality photos and video, as its name suggests this tablet has a screen of 10.1 inches diagonally which the graphics rendering is very significant, the processor fitted this tablet is a cortex A9 quadruple heart clocked at 1.4 GHz, this tablet comes in two versions, the first version includes the Wi - Fi only connection and the second version includes Wi - Fi and is also compatible with the 3G networks, the unit has 2 GB of RAM and the internal memory storage depends on the model since there is a version of the 16 GB one of 32 GB and a third of 34 GB.

This category includes different EPSECES to spare of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, for example there are in this category are listed all spare parts of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, as for example the ecraNS Samsung Galaxy 10.1, the touch glass Samsung Galaxy 10.1, the speakers conversation Samsung Galaxy 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 power cords , the battery Samsung Galaxy 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 home buttons, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 antennas, the buttons side Samsung Galaxy 10.1 , the photo Samsung Galaxy 10.1 sensors, the loading Samsung Galaxy 10.1 connectors, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 shells, the SIM Samsung Galaxy 10.1 card readers.

For those who want to fix their tablets at < strong > www.piece-mobile.com all the parts needed for the replacement of old parts failing due to breakdowns, repair tutorials are also available to serve as support to people who wish to fix themselves their mobile.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

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