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Spare parts for Nokia Lumia 625 < br />----

Click here to see the complete disassembly of the Nokia Lumia 625

Being an average Smartphone range, the Nokia Lumia 625 has benefited from all the possible advantages. It is also for this reason that it went well sold all over the world. Its main assets vary, but include the Windows Phone 8, which became highly appreciated by users. We feel that the OS has indeed reached a true level of maturity. Where the interest by the public in the new Nokia devices. In addition, the price of the Nokia LumAI 625 is not especially expensive, and it has a rather powerful hardware, and a very good camera.

Several components are visible on the list of spare parts Nokia 625 found on the page of the site. Some examples of components that you can order online: the < stRong >Shell Nokia Lumia 625, the Speaker of the Nokia Lumia 625, the Flash Nokia Lumia 625, the camera Nokia Lumia 625 etc... < /.span >

A large numberSmartphones annually threw for small easily reparable failures. It is therefore a great monetary loss and a source of considerable pollution. It still happens because a large number of users are unaware of the fact that they themselves can repair their appliances at home for a lower cost and are rushing to spend money for a new device. So just simply replace the damaged part to retrieve his Smartphone. More often broken components are those located in the hull. Some examples of pieces for this device: the Shell Nokia Lumia 625, the < strong >screen Nokia Lumia 625 , the glass Nokia Lumia 625, the speakerphone Nokia Lumia 625 etc... The site < strong >Room -
makes available to its visitors all the spare parts of the Nokia Lumia 625. On this site, you can order all the components you want in any security. < SPyear >


Total disassembly of the Nokia Lumia 625

The touchscreen glass to your Nokia Lumia 625 est fissurée ? Vous voulez replacing yourself the battery of your Nokia Lumia 625 ? You want to discover the internal components of your Nokia Lumia 625? < /.span >

The replacement of any component onyour Nokia Lumia 625 requires complete disassembly of the Smartphone. < /span >

We will provide you with guides to repair it very well to explain how < stRong >fix it yourself and safely your Nokia Lumia 625 < /stRong >. So you can reproduce all the operations in a simple way. < /span >

Specific tools will be needed for the repair of your < stRong >Nokia Lumia 625. To do this, our shop room-mobile guests of the sets of special tools < stroNG >Nokia Lumia 625.

Council : Attention, un composant pas bien remis en place peut entrainer un dysfonctionnement de votre Smartphone. Le démontage annulera également la garantie de votre Nokia Lumia 625.


Drop the internal frame of the Lumia 625 < /.H3 > -For disassemble your Nokia Lumia 625 We advise you to be careful and precise. Make sure that your Smartphone is turned off before starting the intervention.
-Use a plastic spatula to remove the back cover of your Nokia Lumia 625
-Use of your torx t5 screwdriver to remove all the screws whichmaintain the internal chassis to the block your Lumia 625 LCD.
-Slide plastic between internal frame and the LCD block your spatula and gently pry to separate them.
-You can now enter the internal chassis of your Nokia Lumia 625 then remove it completely. < /span >

Remove the motherboard from the 625 Lumia < /.H3 > -Disconnect the connector of the battery using your spatula plastic then make leverage in order to retrieve the < strong >your Lumia 625 battery of its location.
-Disconnect the water of the screen LCD. < SPyear >
-Disconnect the water from the glass touch.
-Take off and then disconnect the water of the buttons side.
-Unplug the coaxial cable from the antenna GSM using your precision pliers.
-Also disconnect the coaxial cable managing map of management the bottom. < SPyear >
-Unscrew the 2 screws that hold the motherboard of your Nokia Lumia 625 .
-Use your plastic spatula to lift the motherboard. PRY to put it completely. < h3> File management at the bottom of the 625 Lumia card

-Take off the black ribbon on the level of the chassis using your spatula in plastic.
-PRY gently to raise the management of the bottom card and place. < /span >
-The the bottom of your Nokia Lumia 625 management card is ready to be filed.

Remove the touchscreen glass of Lumia 625

-Insert your between the touchscreen glass block and the LCD plastic spatula and gently pry to dissociate them.
-Drag your plastic spatula on the entire contour of the screen as shown on the video. Be careful not to damage the slick to the touch by depositing the glass.
-This is! The < strong >touch glass of your Nokia Lumia 625
is finally dismantled. < /span >

Remove the LCD screen of the 625 Lumia < / h3> -With the help of a plastic spatula, gently pry on the LCD to vote Nokia Lumia 625 to take it apart. < br />-Remove the < strong >LCD screen of your Lumia 625 while being careful not to damage the water. < /span >
-You can now file the < strNGO >LCD screen of your Nokia Lumia 625 in all seSecurity.

Reassembly of the Nokia Lumia 625

- Replace the LCD screen on the < stRong >main frame of your Lumia 625 . Clean your LCD screen.em >dare traces de fingersbefore putting it back.
-Also clean the touch your Lumia 625 glass before asking on the LCD screen
-Associate the touchscreen glass to the LCD display as shown on the video.
-Pick up the black ribbon on the main frame of your smart phone.
-Replace the motherboard as well as the management of the bottom of your Nokia Lumia 625 card. To do this, you must reconnect the LCD surface, surface of the touchscreen glass, the water of the side buttons, the slick map of the bottom of the 625 Lumia and 2 coaxial cables management.
-Reconnect the battery connector and replace the your Lumia 625 battery.
-Replace the 8 screws Torx t5 who maintain the internal chassis of your Nokia Lumia 625 .
-Once the chassis internal your Lumia not 625, you can replace the < strong >back cover of your Nokia Lumia 625 .
< span style = "col"Gold: #000000;" > - This is! Your < strong >Smartphone Nokia Lumia 625

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