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The iPhone 5 is the latest in the iPhone family, like previous models, it has charmed a large audience and has passed all over the world in record time, with its new A6 chip that combines speed and power, of its size which has been revised upwards and especially of its screen which saves a revolution at Apple since it is the first IPhone which profits from a big screen instead of the relatively small screens which equip all the other models without exception.

tyle = "color: # 000000;">Spare parts for the iPhone 5 are available on this category, we can find iPhone 5 screens ,iPhone 5 touch windows,iPhone 5 Wi-Fi antennas,iPhone 5 mute buttons,iPhone 5 power buttons,iPhone 5 volume buttons,iPhone 5 home button,flexible for iPhone 5 home button,front cameras iPhone 5 and a multitude of other spare parts for different repairs. Indeed the iPhone 5 is a relatively fragile object and does not have a strong resistance to the various shocks that can happen by contact with hard or sharp objects or falls on the ground. These little daily incidents affecting primarily the RCTsn LCD de the iPhone 5 and theiPhone 5 touch screenespecially if the laptop falls on the side of the screen, if it ever falls on the other side, at that moment it's the shite back iPhone 5who will be affected and who is likely to break. Other parts are also affected by the failures we can quote, the iPhone 5 processor, theiPhone 5 SIM card reader, theiPhone 5 speaker, themicro iPhone 5and other micro electronic components that are in shock or contact with a liquid such as water may no longer work.

Anyone who wants to order spare parts for iPhone 5 can do it directly on mobile-pieceand will also find repair tutorials that will help her if she wants to fix her smartphone herself.

Iphone 5 

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Guide to dismantling and reassembling an iPhone 5

Here is a dismantling guide made by our technicians to explain all the steps of the dismantling of an iPhone 5. If you want to clean your iPhone 5 from the inside, change the screen or replace your battery, this tutorial will be yours. a great use.

Thedismantling your iPhone 5 can be very simple if you follow this tutorial carefully and if you use the maténecessary. The tools you will need for this intervention are:

- 1 flat screwdriver
- 1 Philips screwdriver
- 1 Pentalobe screwdriver
- 2 plastic opening levers
- 2 opening picks
- 1 suction cup

Disassemble your iPhone 5

Removal of the front panel
- We advise you for safety measures to turn off your iPhone 5 before disassembly.
- Using a pentalobe screwdriver, remove the 2 screws located around the lightning connector of your iPhone 5.
- Place your suction cup above the home button and pull up to slightly lift the front of the iPhone 5 .
- Carefully lift the front panel vertically as ifou open a book (about 90 ° from the rest of the iPhone) to access the connectors on the screen.
- Unscrew the 3 Phillips screws that hold the connector cover to the motherboard of the iPhone 5 .
- Use a precision pliers to remove the metal plate that protects the screen connectors.
- Disconnect the ribbon from the face-time camera and the proximity sensor.
- Reuse your plastic spatula to disconnect the tablecloth from the touch screen.
- Disconnect the tablecloth managing the Retina LCD screen from the motherboard of your iPhone 5 .
- Thefront panel (full screen) of your iPhone 5 is ready to be filed.

Removing the battery
- Unscrew the 2 Phillips screws used to hold the protective cover of the battery connector of your iPhone 5.
- Deposit the protective metal platethe battery connector with your precision clamp.
- Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard with your plastic spatula.
- Using a plastic spatula, gently pry on the battery of your iPhone 5in order to take it off the chassis.
- You can now extract battery of your iPhone 5.

Removing the motherboard

- Remove the Phillips screw used to hold the metal cover of the interconnect cable, then use a precision pliers to remove it.
- Always using your plastic spatula, disconnect the 2 interconnection layers located on the upper part of the device.
- Also disconnect the 2 interconnection pads located on the bottom of the motherboard.
- Insert a paper clip into the hole in the SIM card drawer to pull it out of its slot.
- Unscrew the 2 Phillips screws holding the motherboard of the iPhone 5 at the top of the chassis.
- Disconnect the coaxial cable from the GSM antenna of your iPhone 5using a plastic spatula.
- Unscrew the 5 screws that are used to secure the motherboard to the frame of the iPhone 5 then take off the tablecloth from the motherboard.
- Gently pry with your plastic spatula to deposit the motherboard of your iPhone 5 .
- Flip your motherboard to disconnect the cable from the antenna.
- You can now drop the motherboard of the iPhone 5 safely.

Disassemble the chassis of your iPhone 5

- Remove the Phillips screw that holds thespeaker block of the iPhone 5 . Once removed, you can remove the speaker block.
- Unscrew the 3 screws used to hold the vibrate your iPhone 5
- Reuse your Phillips screwdriver to remove the 3 screws that hold the side buttons to the chassis.
- Always using your precision pliers, peel off the tablecloth of the volume and vibrator buttons.
- Remove the Phillips screw which is used to hold the tablecloth of the power button then peel it off using your pliers.
- Get the Power button of the iPhone 5 using your precision pliers.
- Unscrew the 2 screws of the metal bracket of the home button. Once unscrewed, separate the home button of the iPhone 5 from its tablecloth.
- Place the home button on your iPhone 5 using precision pliers.
- Unscrew the 2 Phillips screws that hold the ear speaker of your iPhone 5 then use your precision pliers to remove the metal support that protects it.
- Réutilisez your precision pliers to remove the ear speaker of your iPhone 5.
- Using your Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that are used to hold the metal bracket of the LCD screen.
- Once all the screws are removed, remove the metal support of the LCD screen of your iPhone 5 .
- Drop the tableclothstrong>proximity sensor + camera face time of your iPhone 5 .

Reassembling the iPhone 5

- Collect the coverage of the proximity sensor + camera face time at block screen of your iPhone 5.
- Screw on the metal plate protecting the LCD screen of the iPhone 5.
- Collect the ear speaker and screw on the metal plate used to protect it.
- Mount the main frame and reposition all the elements in place (ribbon of the side buttons, tablecloth of the power button, loudspeaker block ...).
- Put back in placemap mera of your iPhone 5 then reconnect the tablecloths.
- Screw back all the fixing screws on the motherboard./ Span>
- Replace the SIM rack of your iPhone 5 in its location.
- Reposition theiPhone 5 battery in its slot then reconnect it to the motherboard.
- Screw on the metal plate that protects the battery connector of your iPhone 5.
- Remount the display block to the frame of your iPhone 5. Now, screw the metal plate that serves to protect the tablecloths of the screen.
- Here ! Your iPhone 5 is now completely reassembled.