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Spare parts to repair my Wiko Darkmoon. />----

The Wiko Darkmoon is an entry-level mobile that offers a dual location for SIM cards. This smartphone is compatible with 3G 21 Mbps networks and works under the Android 4.2.2 operating system (Jelly Bean). It is powered by a 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 quad core processor with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage capacity. This model features a 4.7-inch IPS display with 1280x720 pixel HD resolution and a Corning Gorilla Glass. Wiko's Darkmoon features an 8-megapixel camera with BSI technology and LED flash capable of shooting in 720p as well as a 5-megapixel front-facing camera.

span style-"color:#000000;">People who want to repair their smartphones due to shocks that have damaged one or more parts will find on>www.piece-mobile.com all the spare parts you are looking for. All the tools needed for repair (stro packngtorx screwdriver, UV glue for window repair, adhesive...) are also available. In thiscategory are categorized all spare parts for Wiko Darkmoon such as 'stro'ngtouch screen and LCD assembled black for Wiko Darkmoonstrong, touch screen and LCD assembled white for Wiko Darkmoonstrong, batteries for Wiko Darkmoon, rear chassis for Wiko Darkmoonstrong, main cameras for Wiko Darkmoon functional opportunity mother cards for Wiko Darkmoon Wiko's slicks Darkmoon, touch windows for Wiko Darkmoon, conversation loudspeakers for Wiko Darkmoon... Well-explained repair guides will show you how to achieve 'stron'(go)repair your Wiko Darkmoon yourselfstrong and safe.span

  ****Disassembly and reassembly of a Wiko Darkmoon2nd

You are the proud owner of a Wiko Darkmoon and the desire to disassemble it and discover the components that make it up takes you? It's true that reassembling a smartphone is proving to be a very risky adventure, but the technicians of mobile have tore the Wiko Darkmoon to pieces to accompany you on this operation.span

The dismantling a Wiko Darkmoontrong requires some special tools. All these tools are availables in our Wiko Tool Set.span

Wiko Darkmoon dismantling

Drop the rear shell of the Wiko Darkmoonh3
- We advise you to turn off your smartphone before dismantling.No.
- Remove the Wiko Darkmoon's upper cache
- Reuse the spatula to remove the
- Use a cruciform screwdriver to unscrew the 3 screws that hold therongback shell of your Wiko Darkmoon
- Eclipse the rear shell with your plastic spatula. To do this, you must slide the spatula into the interstice on the right side of the Wiko Darkmoon.No.
- You can now remove the back shell from your smartphone.span

Deposit of the Wiko Darkmoon's motherboardh3
- Remove the black adhesive that covers the connector of the interconnection cable.pan
- Devaresez the 5 screws that hold the cache of your motherboard Wiko Darkmoon using a cruciform screwdriver.No.
- Now place the motherboard cover using your precision pliers.pan
Using your plastic spatula, disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.year
- Leverage the your Wiko Darkmoon's battery to take it apart. Use your precision clamp to extract it from its housing.year
- Unplug the
- Disconnect the tablecloth that connects the bottom management map to thetrongmotherboard of your Wiko Darkmoon
- Reuse your plastic spatula to disconnect the camera connector from your smartphone.pan
- Remove the Wiko Darkmoon's main camera
- Dturn the slick off the water tablerongWiko Darkmoon LCD screen
- Also disconnect the slick from thetrongyour touch screen Wiko Darkmoon.
- Always with the help of your plastic spatula, disconnect the tablecloth from theong camera face time.
- Remove the module from the your Wiko Darkmoon's face-time camera
- Use a cruciform screwdriver to unscrew the screw
- Gently lift the

Drop the bottom management card of the Wiko Darkmoon

- Disconnect the FPC connector connecting the bottom management card of your Wiko Darkmoon to the motherboard.pan
- Gently leverage with your plastic spatula to drop the strongWiko Darkmoon vibrator.
'div style'padding-itft:30px;">- Reuse your plastic spatula to disassemble the bottom management card.span
- Use your precision clamp to drop the microphone's small rubber.span
- Now gently remove the card from the GSM antenna with your plastic spatula.>
- Take off the 2 small gold adhesives that hold the lighting card of the screen buttons.>
- The bottom management card of your Wiko Darkmoon is finally ready to be dropped off.No.

Drop off the full screen of the Wiko Darkmoon>
- Remove the GPS antenna from thetrongchassis of your Wiko Darkmoon
- Reuse your precision clamp to remove the rubber from the proximity and light sensor.year
- Remove the Wiko Darkmoon's ear speaker using your plastic spatula.
- AThe second step of your spatula, remove the slick of the power and volume buttons from the chassis and then drop it.pan
"That's it! The full screen of your Wiko Darkmoon is finally dismantled.No.

Wiko Darkmoon reassembly

Roll up the full screen of the Wiko Darkmoon3rd
- Stick the Wiko Darkmoon's power and volume buttons chassis.
- Replace the ear speaker of your Wiko Darkmoon, the proximity and light sensor rubber as well as the GPS antenna at the main chassis.No.

Roll up the Wiko Darkmoon's management map

- Reconnect lighting map of the screen buttons of your Wiko Darkmoon.
- Roll up the GSM antenna card and then put the small rubber of your smartphone's microphone back in place.span
- Roll up the bottom management card of your Wiko Darkmoon. Once in place, replace the vibrator and reconnect the FPC connector.

Reassemble the Wiko Darkmoon's motherboard

'span style'color:#000000;" Review the screw motherboard Wiko Darkmoon
. This screw holds the motherboard to the chassis of your smartphone.span
- Reconnect the nappa and put the module back in place your Wiko Darkmoon's face-time camera
- Reconnect your Wiko Darkmoon's touch glass tablecloth using your plastic spatula.pan
- Reuse your plastic spatula to also reconnect thetrongyour Wiko Darkmoon's LCD screen tableclothtrong.
- Reconnect the tablecloth and replace the your Wiko Darkmoon's main camera
- Reconnect the tablecloth connecting the bottom management card to the motherboard as well as thetrongWiko Darkmoon's coaxial interconnection cabletrong.
- Roll up the Wiko Darkmoon drums then reconnect the connector that connects it to the motherboard.span
- Now, review the 5 cruciform screws thati maintain the plastic cover of the motherboard.

Drop the rear shell of the Wiko Darkmoonh3
- Then re-see the 3 screws that hold the back shell of your Wiko Darkmoon
- Reclipse the lower cache as well as the
"That's it! Your Wiko Darkmoon smartphone is now up./spyear

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