Spare parts for Samsung Galaxy S 4 S4 I9500

Samsung Galaxy S4is the last of the Galaxy S range, this mobile is a real technological feat, indeed when we look at its characteristics we notice immediately that it is an unusual mobile, this mobile is equipped with an eight-core processor ultra powerful with a 2GB RAM, a 13 megapixel camera capable of capturing photos of incredible quality and HD quality videos, the screen measuring 5 inches diagonal is itself full HD quality providing excellent graphic rendering.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 S4 I9500 

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Showing 1 - 30 of 47 items

In this category sont present all spare parts related to the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, as an example there are screensSamsung Galaxy S4,touch windowsSamsung Galaxy S4,Samsung Galaxy S4 conversation speakers,Samsung Galaxy S4 power cables ,Samsung Galaxy S4 batteries,Samsung Galaxy S4 home buttons,Samsung Galaxy S4 antennas,side buttons Samsung Galaxy S4 ,Samsung Galaxy S4 photo sensors,Samsung Galaxy S4 charging connectors,Samsung Galaxy S4 cases,Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM card readers.

Several failures can affect thesmartphones and in general they are caused by accidental failures such as falls on the ground or shocks with sharp objects and solid, these incidents often affect the LCD screen Samsung Galaxy S4, theSamsung Galaxy S4 touch screenand theSamsung Galaxy S4 casethese parts are fragile and do not support the intensity of the shocks produced by these incidents, the consequences are often breaks.

People who are looking for spare parts for their smartphones, will have the opportunity to get all the parts they need for repairs of their Galaxy S4 directly on www.piece-mobile.comin addition, repair tutorials are available to allow them if they wish to repair their own mobile without involving an external person.