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Available since January 2010, the Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader for avid readers and book lovers. She has the size and shape of a book and allows you to read several hours while providing optimal reading comfort. Unlike the iPad or tablet, an electronic reader has any lighting and is exclusively designed to read books.

Prefirst generation of Kindle appeared in 2007 and sold only in the United States. In 2010, a second version of eReader running Linux and using the process of electronic ink landed on the market. It's the Kindle DX of Ama Zon.

Several generations of Kindle e-readers have successively appeared after the DX: the < stRong >Kindle 3G Keyboard , the Kindle Touch and lately the Kindle 3G Paperwhite .


The shop offers spare parts at good prices for your Kindle electronic reader. If you are looking for a < strong>LCD for Amazon Kindle HD 7 or a tactile glass for < strong >Amazon Kindle HD 7 .

The touch glass for Kindle 3G Paperwhite , the LCDs for Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard 3 G touch windows are also available on the site.

Owners of an Amazon Kindle out of warranty and who wish to make their own and cheaply repair their devices have some tutorials step by step explaining all the steps to follow.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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