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The i pad 3is the third touch pad developed by the manufacturer Apple, in comparison with the pad 2, this new tablet has benefited from significant changes such as a new keynote developed by Apple, a more powerful processor and more powerful the A6X dual core processor Quad-core graphics, not to mention the retina display, which is one of the best new features in terms of graphics rendering.

Ipad 3 

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This category ist created to bring to any person in search of spare parts all the parts relating to the i pad 3, there are LCD screensi pad3,touch screen i pad3,i pad3 screen tablecloths ,speakers i pad3,ipad3 cameras ,home buttons i pad3,button pads home i pad3and various other spare parts./ P>

Spare parts are essential for every person who wants to repair their pad3 or replace one or more parts. Indeed, frequent breakdowns affect the tablets in the same way that they affect smartphones, the most frequent failures on the ipad 3 are breaks in the glass panetile i pad3and sometimes even at the level ofstrong>LCD screen i pad3 or the hull or thechassis i pad 3 if lThe shock is violent enough.

There are other small incidents, the consequences of which can be fatal for a tablet, for example if a person drops their pad in the water or if it is dropped at the beach it can have effects. negatives on internal circuits especially when we talk about liquids that can damage parts like the camer i pad 3,themicro i pad 3, thevolume keys i pad 3and internal parts such as the processor and the motherboard i pad 3 .

For those who are looking for spare parts for their i pad3, www.piece-console.comThe various spare parts for the pad3 are available to them, and tutorials and repair videos are available for them to learn how to perform the repairs themselves.