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Spare parts for Sony Xperia Z L36h ----rongSony xperia Z is the brand new smartphone of Sony brand, recently released this mobile is a technological concentrate and belongs to the high-end of the brand, the features of this mobile are a major asset and it is thanks to them that it can compete with big brands like Apple or Samsung. The mobile is equipped with 6 mineral glass faces to offer great shock resistance, and two coatings, one on the front and the other on the back, Moreover this mobile is water and dust resistant and certified IP55 and IP57, the screen of this terminal is 5 inches diagonal and is reality display type full HD 1080 pixels, the photo sensor is very efficient, it is the Exmor-RS, a resolution of 13 Megapixels, the highest resolution on the market, capable of taking photos of a quality f Ull HD 1080p, the processor equipped with this mobile is the snapdragon S4 pro quadcore, offering great speed of execution thanks in particular to the large RAM memory that reaches 2GB. The internal storage memory amounts to 16GB and it is also possible to install a memory card to have more storage space. The Xperia Z has state-of-the-art connectivity as it is compatible with 4G networks.

-span style"color:#000000;"This category is specially created to contain all theSony Xperia P detached for both versions (S I9020/S I9023), there aretrongSony xperia Z LCD screens Sony xperia Z touch windows, Sony xperia Z ear speaker, Sony xperia Z ringtone speakers Of the Sony xperia Z headphones Sony xperia z/s power cablestrong, Jack audio connectors Sony xperia Z.

People who want to get spare parts for their mobiles can place their orders directly on the, in addition to repair tutorials are offered to them to allow them if they wish, to repair their mobiles alone at home.>

Disassemble and reassemble a Sony Xperia Z

You want to disassemble your Sony Xperia Z

Depdare the rear window

- Forsafety measures, we advise you to turn off your device before proceeding with the(go)dismantling your Sony Xperia Z
- Using a heat stripper, heat the contour of the back of your smartphone to remove the rear window from the internal chassis of your Sony Xperia Z.
- Place an extraction suction cup in the center of the rear window, then gently pull up to lift it slightly.>
- Slide a plastic spatula between the chassis and the
- The rear window of the Xperia Z is now disassembled.year

Remove the battery

- Gently remove the battery tablecloth with your plastic spatula.No.
- Reuse your plastic spatula to remove the Sony Xperia Z battery from its location.pan
- The battery of your Sony Xperia Z is filedE.

Drop the motherboardh3
- Always with your plastic spatula, disconnect the screen management tablecloth.No.
- Also disconnect thetrongSony Xperia Z volume and microphone tablecloth motherboard.
- Disconnect the camera tablecloth face time as shown in the video. Do the same with the 'stro'ngrear camera of your Sony Xperia Zstrong.
- Use a cruciform screwdriver to remove the screws used to hold the motherboard to the inner chassis of your Sony Xperia Z.pan
- Using your precision clamp, disconnect the coaxial cable from the motherboard antenna.
- Once all these tablecloths are disconnected, you can drop off the motherboard of your Sony Xperia Z.year

Remove the speaker and vibrator support

- Remove the jack and proximity sensor from the chassis.span
- Use your plastic spatula to remove the topinternal speaker of its housing then use a precision clamp to drop it.span
- Remove the metal plate used to hold the buttons in place with your precision clamp.>
- Remove the cruciform screw that holds the support of the external speaker and vibrator from your Xperia Z to the chassis.
- Insert your plastic spatula below the then gently leverage it to extract it from its dwelling.pan
- Collect the Wi-Fi card and external speaker by gently using a plastic spatula.
- Do as shown on the video to remove the Sony Xperia Z vibrator from the holder.span
- The external speaker support and vibrator of your Sony Xperia Z is completely dismantled.pan

Separate the full screen from the chassis

"div style"padding-left:30px;"- Take off the slick of the volume and microphone buttons from the chassis and then use your precision clamp to proceedat his drop-off.span
- Remove the frame screen management tablewith e.g. with your plastic spatula.>
- Reuse your heat stripper to heat the contour of theongSony Xperia Z screen
- Place an extraction suction cup on the top of the screen and pull up while trying to insert your spatula between the chassis and the screen block.
- Slide your plastic spatula the entire length of the device to drop therongscreen block of your Sony Xperia Z
- The full screen of your Sony Xperia Z is now ready to be dropped off. p techniciansiece-mobile also offer you a tutorial explaining how replace the full screen of your Sony Xperia Ztrong.

Reassemble your Sony Xperia Z

- Put the screen block of your Sony Xperia Z
- Glue the tablecloth of the volume and microphone buttons to the frame and then reposition the metal plate that is used to protect the side buttons.No.
- Reposition the external speaker, vibrator and Wi-Fi card to the holder.
- Reconnect the coaxial cable from the GSM antenna to theongexternal speaker support and vibrator of your Sony Xperia Z.
- Put the slick jack and proximity sensor of your Xperia Z
- Roll up the Xperia Z ear speaker chassis.
- Reposition the motherboard on the chassis and then reconnect all the tablecloths as shown in the video.year
- Reconnect the main camera as well as the
- Reuse your cruciform screwdriver to revisall all the screws used to fix thetrongCarte mother of the Xperia Z
- Also review the screw attachment of the external speaker and vibrator support.
- Reconnect the coaxial cable from the GSM antenna to the motherboard with your precision clamp.
- Stick the battery of your Sony Xperia Z then reconnect it to the motherboard.pan
- Put the rear window back in place to finish.
"That's it! Your Sony Xperia Z is fully reassembled.year
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