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This is a great average Smartphone range of Sony. The Sony Xperia M is sent to a demanding public on all levels, including prices. It has a 4.0 screen inches with a resolution of 480 x 854 p and a rather decent pixel density of 245 ppp and a dual core (1 GHz) processor. All for a very affordable price. In addition, his camera is very powerful, equipped with a LED flash, and has an advantage that is usually present on the high-end devices, which is the image stabilizer.

Hull protectionDirector of the Sony Xperia M does not differ from that of the Z, Z1, or even the Ultra Z. She is just as strong. Therefore, it has its limits, and may, by undergoing some powerful shocks, break. This also goes for the protective glass of the display. Here is a list of parts that are likely to break due to the shocks. On this site it is possible to order them, and thus, be able to replace them quietly at home or in his Studio. Here are a few examples: Shell SoNY Xperia M, the rear window Sony Xperia M, the glass Sony Xperia M, screen Sony Xperia M, the adhesive for the Sony Xperia M LCD screen, Sony Xperia M, battery Sony Xperia M speaker or even the microphone of the Sony Xperia M. These components are in high demand because they are the most vulnerable, and easily take damage at the falls and other types of shocks. The site supports your orders and parts you want will come to you in the shortest time.

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

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