Spare parts for Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT I9300 - the < stRong >Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new jewel of the Korean brand Samsung, this smartphone combines power and design, and brings many new features, the features of this mobile are outsized, and surpassed the competition from other smartphones of all others brands thanks to its ultra powerful and efficient processor Exynos 4412, composed of four cores, clocked at 1.4 GHz, the Gal Steve S3 is also characterized by its wide screen 4.8 inches which exceeds the size of the other smartphone screens belonging to the same category, the digital camera fitted to the S3 is an 8 megapixels allowing to take pictures from the top definition and quality (1080 p) HD videos. The internal memory reaches the 16 GB and can also be extended to provide a wide storage space up to 64 GB.

Spare partsGE of the Galaxy S3 are listed in this category there are Samsung Galaxy S3 LCD screens, Samsung Galaxy S3 touch windows, with top-ringtone Samsung Galaxy S3 speakers, the battery Samsung Galaxy S3, the SIM Samsung Galaxy S3 card readers, the Samsung Galaxy S3 antennas, the home Samsung Galaxy S3 buttons, the cameras Samsung Galaxy S3 , the Samsung Galaxy S3 USB connectors, the Samsung Galaxy S3 shells, the tablecloths home Samsung Galaxy S3 button, the conversation Samsung Galaxy S3 speakers, the Samsung Galaxy S3 kerbs and several other pieces...p >

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Samsung Galaxy S GT I9300 3 

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  • Samsung Galaxy 3G I9300 S3

    Spare parts to fix my Samsung Galaxy S3 3 G I9300
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 4G I9305

    Spare parts to fix my Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G I9305

    Samsung Galaxy S3 has been elected best Smartphone of the year 2012, where the idea to launch a 4 G version of its model lighthouse. What differentiates the two models it's first 4G network as well as the DC-HSDPA (Dual Carrier) network compatibility to 42.2 Mbps. Then, the memory (RAM) goes from 1 GB to 2 GB on the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Finally, this terminal is equipped with picture quality HD 4 times faster than 3G, a video start faster, immediate fast forward, a more fluid navigation Google Maps & Street View.

    for some people, a Smartphone failed must be thrown away without asking any questions. What for? Because to go to a specialist for repair costs most of the time 2/3 the price of a new Smartphone. Solution? A Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G owners can get the piece they will need for the repair of their Smartphone directly on our online store. You will find complete for Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G screens, batteries for Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G ringtone for Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G speakers, the vibrator for Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G, Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G SIM card readers, home to Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G buttons... Room-mobile technicians are also available to repair guides which explain how yourself and your Samsung Galaxy S3 4 G cost.    

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Showing 1 - 30 of 46 items