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Based in Shenzhen, OnePlus is a Chinese company specialized in the design, development and construction of Smartphones. One more is considered to be the new star of the Smartphones since the launch of its first model: the OnePlus One (a high-end Smartphone available in two versions), considered to be one of the best on the market.  Since then, the Chinese firm has drilled market thanks to the OnePlus 2 Smartphones, OnePlus X, OnePlus DR-1 (unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2015), OnePlus 3, 3T OnePlus...


Our www.piece-mobile .com online store provides all spare parts relating to the Smartphone One more. You will find LCD screens for OnePlus One, Cache camera for OnePlus 3 T, touchscreen for OnePlus One, slick connector Charge for OnePlus DR-1, Module speaker for OnePlus 2, SIM card housing for OnePlus One, slick of button of Volume. On/off button for OnePlus One, camera Module front for OnePlus 3T, battery cover for OnePlus DR-1, OnePlus One, SIM card reader Microphone for OnePlus One slick, OnePlus One camera Module, Charge connector for OnePlus 2, premium unbreakable Lensun for One more... protective glass

Our technicians offer tutorials and guides repair which will explain how to fix yourself and its Smartphone OnePlus One safely.




















N ° 1 French: free express delivery, guide and tutorial videos free. Room and service guaranteed 2 years.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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