Huawei P10 lite WASLX1A

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Spare parts to repair my Huawei P10 lite WASLX1A.

"P"Your order will depart on the day of payment provided you order your shopping cart before 3am. The different shades of color of the products can be easily interchangeable.

"P"Don't bother asking us about a tool we wouldn't have catalogued for the Huawei P10 lite. As a general rule, a piece that is out of order will see its resupply with a delay of between 10 and 15 days, otherwise a sentence will be present in one of the texts of the product sheet. If you see any uncertainties when using White Rear Hide, don't hesitate to call our Service to ask for a hand. Don't drop this expensive smartphone for a small problem while you can fix it in 5 minutes. This repair will be up to 5 times cheaper than if you had to go through a Service SAV, and more with the pleasure of finding your phone beautiful as a truck. You can take a look at the product's features, which details each step so that everything is simple at home. Invigorate this Huawei, and avoid hanging out in an inappropriate place so you can finally take it out every day. The product offered here is part of the program 100% satisfied 30 full days.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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