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As its name suggests, this model of Apple Watch has a case 38mm silver aluminium with sport band format. Inside the Apple Watch takes a 1.5 inch Amoled touchscreen format displaying a definition of 272 x 340 pixels, a bicoeur S1P processor derived from the A5 which fitted the iPhone 4s, a memory (RAM of 512 MB, 8 GB of storage capacity) internal, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi - Fi b/g/n, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope. Regarding autonomy, the 38 mm model incorporates a 205 mAh battery that provides up to 18 hours.


If you broke your Apple Watch watch following a violent shock, or you are having technical problems, you can fix it yourself at low cost with spare parts available in this category. You will find windows touchscreen for Apple Watch 38 mm, the internal microphone for the Apple Watch 38 mm tablecloths, tablecloths of connection to the motherboard for the Apple Watch 38 mm, the touch screen glass + LCD for Apple Watch 38 mm, batteries of internal replacement for Apple Watch, the battery backup Power Bank universal charger for all brands, the flexible speaker for Apple Watch 38 mm, with flexible buttons for Apple Watch 38 mm, the metal plates of the controller screen for Apple Watch 38 mm, the antenna bluetooth for Apple Watch 38mm, sets of screws for Apple Watch 38 mm...






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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

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