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The iPod touch 4 is a Walkman mp3 both very fine and super light. Dressed in an aluminum, this iPod case 4th generation slips easily into the Pocket. Its brilliant design increases also thanks to its flashy colors and lightness.

The < stroNG >iPod touch 4 Apple has a chip bicoeur A5 and embarked a Retina display of 4 inches for a definition of 960 × 640 pixels screen. Side multimedia, this iPod is equipped with a camera digital iSight 5 Megapixels with LED flash able to capture videos in Full HD 1080 p. Finally, a powerful battery gives it autonomy which is around 40 hours audio playback and 8 hours of video playback.

Falls or violent shocks often cause damage or breakage of the screen of your iPod. These hazards are often fatal for parts such as the LCD or the touchscreen glass. To replace any of these parts you don't have to go to a professional repairman or after-sales service. Visit the store and order the part you need to give a second life to your iPod Touch 4 < /.p >

All the spare parts for iPod Touch 4.facilities > are available in this category. You will find the LCD screens for iPod Touch 4.facilities >, the Windows touch for iPod Touch 4, the connectURS dock for iPod Touch 4, the batteries for iPod Touch 4, the buttons home for iPod Touch 4, the tablecloths Jack for iPod Touch 4, the before cameras for iPod Touch 4, the antennas Wi - Fi for iPod Touch 4... < /.p >

The owners of a < strong >iPod Touch 4 who wish to save repair costs can follow guides available repair sue the store in order to refurbish their iPods themselves.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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